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Android 5.0 for the Nexus 5 could roll out today

Nexus 5

Sprint’s forum page has made an interesting revelation today. According to one of the posts there, the Nexus 5 smartphone will start seeing the Android 5.0 OTA update today. This is slightly odd as Google is yet to publish factory images for the smartphone and it’s unheard of for an OTA update to be issued without factory images being posted. But it is likely that the trend will change this time around and Google might post the factory image anytime now.

The build number of the new update is said to be LRX210. Although the report stems from Sprint’s page, it goes without saying that it applies to all units of the Nexus 5. There’s no confirmation or a report of an OTA sighting at the moment, but we’ll make sure this post is updated when we do have word on that.

Nexus owners have been waiting anxiously since early November to get their hands on the Android 5.0 update, but Google unfortunately had to delay it due to some last minute bugs. The update should arrive on Nexus tablets and smartphones anytime now, with Google posting a factory image of the 2012 WiFi Nexus 7 earlier today.

Update: Google has officially announced the rollout of Android 5.0 for its Nexus devices.

Source: Sprint

Via: Android Authority

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