Amazon Fire Phone now available for $200 off contract [Deal]

Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone has failed to meet the company’s expectations. And to make amends for the losses, the company has decided to offer the smartphone for a throwaway price of $199.99 off contract. The retailer initially started offering the smartphone for under $1 on contract a couple of months ago, but this new price reduction seems to have been done with Black Friday sales in mind. The smartphone still comes with an year’s subscription of Amazon Prime (worth $99), which is something to consider while getting the device.

Coming from an original off contract price of $649.99, this is quite a turnaround from Amazon. But with the device barely moving off the shelves, we don’t think the retailer had any other choice. Some think the $200 price tag is still too much for the device, so perhaps we can expect the price to fall even further in the coming days.

The smartphone is unlocked and will work with any compatible GSM carriers, which means that Sprint and Verizon networks are not compatible with the Fire Phone. If you don’t mind staying off Google services and relying solely on Amazon’s ecosystem, the Fire Phone is a decent device to get. Given the pricing, it might not be a bad idea to gift the device to your loved ones.

Source: Amazon

Via: Droid Life