Amazon Echo is a voice assistant device for your home

Amazon Echo

Amazon has launched a new voice assistant hardware called the Echo, which can interact with the user and perform a wide array of tasks. The device houses seven microphones, making it very sensitive to your voice from any corner of the house. The idea essentially is to provide users the ability to access content and media without having to pull out your smartphone. The device has inbuilt speakers too, which can hold up against any decent Bluetooth speakers out there.

The Echo has been priced at $199 for regular consumers or $99 if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. However, the device can only be bought through an invitation system so not everybody can get their hands on this just yet. But this could be a temporary thing as Amazon would obviously want more customers to get their hands on the Echo as months go by. People are likening it to a cross between Google Now and Siri as it can perform a wide range of web based as well as native smartphone related tasks.

Amazon will be launching a companion app for the Echo on all major app hubs, so pairing it with a companion smartphone or tablet should be pretty easy. Streaming services like TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify and Amazon Music are supported by default so you can stream music from your favorite providers without much trouble. Would you find something like the Amazon Echo useful in your home?