Verizon to launch the developer edition Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is available through Verizon since last week. And a new revelation tells us that the smartphone will also be available in a developer edition variant for $662.53. This comes with an unlocked bootloader which means customers are free to flash ROMs as they please. However, there’s no contract version of the smartphone, so if you want to get hold of the device, you will have to shell out the full retail price.

This is still a better option compared to the off contract version of the Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T which almost touches $800. The developer edition Galaxy Note 4 is comparable to the standard international model as it doesn’t have the carrier bloatware which is usually not well liked by the customers. The ability to flash custom ROMs is the icing on the cake really.

Interestingly, the regular variant of the smartphone on Verizon costs $699 off contract, so customers will be saving some money getting the developer edition model.

Source: Samsung

Via: GSM Arena