The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a Chromecast competitor for $39

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon has just challenged the Google Chromecast with the Fire TV Stick home media console. This dongle slots into the standard HDMI slot on your television and lets you stream a wide range of content with relative ease. To make things even easier for the customers, Amazon is supplying a remote with the retail packaging of the Fire TV Stick to control streaming of content. This will act as an alternative to browsing content using a companion app for your smartphones.

There are obviously some neat perks for the owners of the Fire Phone and Kindle Fire tablets, allowing users to transfer content from the devices to the television without breaking a sweat. The Fire TV Stick packs 8GB of internal storage and comes with 1GB of RAM, so there’s ample room for all the apps that you will need.

Members of Amazon Prime can catch hold of the device at just $19 for a two-day period, while other customers can pre-order the device starting today. Amazon expects to start shipping the product on November 19, so there’s still some waiting to do if you want to get your hands on the device.

What do you think of the Fire TV Stick? Would you give it a try?

Source: Amazon