Skype Qik is a Snapchat competitor from Microsoft

Skype Qik

We’ve seen plenty of Snapchat like applications hitting popular app hubs. And latest to the list is an offering from Microsoft and Skype called Qik which brings a similar concept to its users. Clearly, Skype enjoys a large user base which can be leveraged with an app like this. In terms of functionality, it’s pretty much the same as Snapchat so you can send messages and short videos to your loved ones with the click of a button. Those concerned about content theft will be pleased to know that Skype automatically deletes all messages and videos from its servers after two weeks.

Here are some of the features from the app:

  • Create groups in a flash: grab a bunch of friends from your phone’s address book and start a private chat.
  • Pre-record and send video clips (Qik Fliks): can’t respond right away? Thumbs-ups, smileys and more, starring you.
  • Erase your message and it disappears from the conversation.**
  • Keep it fresh—messages are automatically erased from Qik after two weeks.
  • Start a conversation any time—no login, usernames, or passwords needed.

For those who remember, Qik is a video and image sharing service which was acquired by Skype not too long ago. And although the service was shut down temporarily, it has received a new life in the form of Skype Qik. Hit the link below to download the app from your favorite app hub.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Talk Android

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