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Seek brings a thermal imaging camera to your smartphone for just $199

Seek Thermal

There have been multiple mobile thermal imaging solutions going around, but nothing like what Seek Thermal is looking to offer. The manufacturer has just unveiled the first real thermal image camera which can be added to your Android or iOS device using the standard connectivity ports. Seek Thermal has been available for a while now, with initial reviews very favorable towards the device.

It can be yours for just $199, so it’s certainly not going easy on your wallets. It is compatible with iOS devices using the Lightning ports while Android compatibility is limited to a handful of smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Moto X due the design of the accessory.

The Seek Thermal team says the device lets you take artistic pictures while also providing the utility of looking through blocked pipes, so it can do a whole lot more than just tingle your curiosity. Hit the link below for more details on Seek Thermal.

Would you be interested in an offering like this? Let us know.

Source: Seek Thermal

Via: 9to5Google

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