Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 2]

Hi beloved readers. Welcome to the second installment of our Samsung Galaxy S5 troubleshooter series. We have included some of the common problems some of our readers have encountered so far with their Galaxy S5. We hope that you’ll find this article helpful.


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Galaxy S5 turning on and off by itself

Problem: I have finally upgraded my old Samsung 3 with my new Samsung Galaxy S5. After using my S3 for over 2 years, I can say that the S5 is indeed a worthy successor and I enjoy using it so much I even put it under my pillows at night. I just love my phone. I noticed something odd with it though. For the last couple of weeks, I noticed that the phone turns itself on and off. There are no performance issues after it does so though so I’m wondering if this is normal.

I haven’t heard of such problem (if this is indeed a problem) so I’d appreciate any help you might offer to enlighten me.

Thank you.  — Tara

Troubleshooting: Hi Tara. Samsung’s latest flagship is undeniably a beast and we agree with your view that it can be a fun phone to use. Packing a powerful processor and tons of processing power, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is super-fast when it comes to digesting information to the delight of its user. However, such power comes at a cost as it increases the chance of the phone getting overheated quickly. With its aluminum case in the back, the phone can overheat after using it if a user is not conscious on what apps to use. Although the phone is designed to handle multiple apps to run simultaneously, overheating can still occur if it’s not handled properly.

The reason why we think your phone is overheating is because of your observation–that the phone turns on and off by itself. This behavior is an indicator of overheating. Some other things to watch out for to determine if it is indeed due to overheating are phone getting too warm to touch, screen freezing, lag, and delayed response.

We outline some tips that you can try below to try to resolve the issue.

Tip 1. Minimize usage of video apps and internet browsing. This step should be done to isolate the problem and should be a guiding principle how you use your phone in the long run. We understand that the S5 is way too good to be left unused for video surfing and internet browsing. However, for troubleshooting’s sake, we want to do this as data processing is power intensive and demands a lot of processing job for the processor. Minimizing it for some time can help you identify if your internet browsing habits are causing the problem. If it is, you may want to cut down on it.

Tip 2. Get a new SD card. This step only applies if you are still using your old SD card from your S3 or older phones. What we want to achieve is to get rid of corrupted SD cards that can cause your new phone to work harder than usual. Old SD cards carry old baggage like corrupted files, documents, videos, and pictures that demand more processing power.

Tip 3. Keep the phone in a well-ventilated place if possible. If your phone spends most of the time in your pocket, under the pillow, or in your bag, make sure to let it breathe from time to time. This should ensure that the right operating temperature for the system is maintained. The temperature of its environment can play a big role in ensuring the battery and the phone work in harmony together. Don’t leave the phone in your car in a hot car. Your Galaxy S5 won’t last long if it’s constantly exposed to 100°F hellhole.

Tip 4. Don’t use the phone when it’s charging. Let it be your habit to allow your high-powered baby to rest. Don’t use it when it’s charging. Some people find it best to use their phones playing HD games when charging. Doing so not only pushes your phone’s processor to work towards its limit but it also shortens the life of the battery.


Ultra-Slow Motion Video for Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi DroidGuy. I have been using my S5 for a few months now but I can’t seem to work out how to capture slow motion video. I know this is possible because I have the same phone with my daughter and she was able to take a slow-mo video of our dog running in the yard. I’m not a phone genius so even the simplest of settings are way beyond me but if you can walk me through how to do it, I’d be most grateful.

Our cat just gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens and I want to capture their first steps if given the chance.

Thank you in advance. — Katy

Troubleshooting: Hi Katy. To allow your Galaxy S5 to capture slow moving videos, you must download an essential app first. Don’t worry as it is a first-party add-on from Samsung and you can readily download it from Samsung App Store. After the download, you have to tweak some things under your phone’s settings to allow your phone to shoot videos at 1/8 speed.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to do what you want:

  1. Download the Samsung app by tapping the Mode button on the bottom-left corner of your screen. After that, scroll down to the end of the list of modes and tap on Download option.
  2. Look for Sequence Shot under Samsung App Store, tap Install, hit Accept, and tap Download.
  3. After Sequence Shot has been installed, open your camera app then enable Sequence Shot under settings. This should now allow you to capture moments in slow motion.

Some tips to consider to ensure high quality videos. Because your phone will now capture videos at a rate of 15 frames per second, you must ensure that ample light covers the subject to compensate for the reduced exposure. This principle is true with most slow motion cameras to always make sure that you have perfect lighting when shooting.

Videos are limited to 10 seconds when using slow motion and your phone will automatically process the video once you reach the 10-second mark.

We hope that this tutorial will give you delights in using your phone.


How to close apps and prevent them from launching again in Galaxy S5

Problem: I wonder if there is a way to close apps and prevent them from opening again unless explicitly prompted to launch. I understand that the more apps running in the background, the faster my battery drains. I know there’s a manual way to force close individual apps but I want to know if there’s an efficient way to do it all at once.

I have several apps running at the same time in my Galaxy S5 and having a way to close unwanted ones without resorting to closing each one of them should be terrific.

I tried looking for some apps from Google Play Store but they all need the phone to be rooted. I don’t want to root my phone. Is there a setting I need to change to do what I want without rooting? — Greg

Troubleshooting: Hi Greg. We understand your concern and we think you’re not the only person who thinks there should a better way to close annoying apps without resorting to individually picking each one.

Fortunately for your, developer Oasis Feng has come up with a solution to put apps into “hibernation” mode, that is, closing and preventing apps from launching again unless a user wishes to do so. And the good part is that you don’t need to root your phone for the app to work.

Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Download and Install Greenify. Greenify can be downloaded for free but should you want to buy the premium version, you can do so by paying $2.99 in Google Play Store. We recommend that you download the free version only.
  2. Select which apps to close. After installing Greenify, don’t opt for auto-hibernation unless you have selected the apps you would like to hibernate. As Greenify  opens after installation, close out any messages on the first run then press “Greenify” button at the bottom. The next screen should show you a list of apps running on your phone. The apps in this list are the ones making using a big chunk of your phone’s power so they are the best candidates for hibernation.
  3. Follow the succeeding instructions from Greenify to finish the set-up. There should be an automated option for you should you wish let the app manage which apps to hibernate.


Stream Billboards hits using Galaxy S5

Problem: Hello DroidGuy. Can you help me allow my phone to stream Billboard’s Top 100 songs? I saw someone do it a few weeks back but I was too shy to ask how she did it. And I was told there’s no charge doing this.

Would really appreciate if you can help. — Mylene

Troubleshooting: Hi Mylene. The only method we know to make your wish happen here is by downloading a free app called Billy by Vibin Reddy. As far as we know, the app only allows a user to browse the top 20 songs from Billboard’s Hot 100 so we’re not sure if this is what you want.

You can download the app from Google Play Store. Simply swipe left or right to browse for songs as well as other Top 20 songs that are available.


Faster way of sending video files from Galaxy S5

Problem: I don’t have the fastest internet connection at home but I usually send videos to friends and these two don’t usually mix well. I have tried sharing relatively large video files using available cloud services out there like Dropbox or my personal emails and the result is almost always the same–long wait time and low quality video after file has been received.

I’m looking for a way (if there is) to share video files the easy and faster way. Is this possible or even an option?

Would really love it if you can help me with this.

I have no dollars to burn to get hold of apps so if you suggest free apps, that would really be awesome. — Russo

Troubleshooting: Hello Russo. As tech rats, we definitely share your sentiment and fortunately so does the developers of WeTransfer app. You are not alone tackling the convulated process of sending video files to friends. It is not unusual for almost all cloud services to set limits on video files. And even if restrictions in video file size are minimized, the receiving party may also need to have the same app you’re using to upload your files so they can download them.

The WeTransfer simplifies things for us, thankfully, by even allowing an upload of up to 10GB through email.

You only need to install WeTransfer app from Google Play Store. And the good thing is, it’s totally free and the original bitrate as well as video quality are preserved during the transfer.

We hope this can help you.


How to take high quality pictures using Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: What seeing do you recommend for day-to-day settings for the Galaxy S5 Camera?  I have not been very pleased with the pictures mine has been taking this far.

At 16 GB I was expecting better quality on a regular basis.  When the pictures are good, they are very good.  But many come out blurry – especially inside even with HDR on (example – school performances).

Thanks! — Tim Tanner

Troubleshooting: Hi Tim. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has an amazing camera due to its state-of-the-art hardware and app so it should be your friend if you want to continue taking shots of your precious moments. We’d say your Samsung Galaxy S5 packs one of the best cameras installed in phones today. Specifications-wise, the S5 should yield more professional-looking shot because it employs Samsung’s own ISOCELL tech, which is way better that Sony’s imaging technology employed on earlier models. In other words, your phone is already a  terrific image maker and you only need to know how to use it properly.

Below are some of the practical tips you can use to bolster your image-grabbing skill in a flash:

  1. Don’t use stabilization if you want to shoot faster in low-light condition. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has a “picture stabilization” mode designed to be used during low light conditions. Basically, this feature works by creating composites of several exposures in a low light environment, allowing the phone to minimize noise levels. However, the camera needs ample time to do it properly. It’s not uncommon for a user to wait up to 15 seconds for the phone to actually maximize stabilization’s technology so if you think you can’t wait that long while taking a shot, especially if your friends have been giving their smiles forever, simply turn it off.
  2. Never use the flash. If you think that a flash can work wonders, you should think again. We recommend that you avoid using the flash unless the situation totally calls for it like there’s no light at all, or if you are shooting during late-night parties. An S5’s flash is notorious for messing with colors causing unwanted shadows and ugly scenes.
  3. Level your shots with grids. Using grid while composing your shot can significantly affect the quality of your pictures. Hopeless photos taken by a phone camera looks like a product of a five-year old 95% of the time, especially when taking landscape views. A clear indicator of an inexperienced photographer is a wonky horizon in a shot. While this tip won’t make you an instant pro in shooting, using gridlines can make or break your picture. Ensure that you turn “grid lines” feature as this is not on by default.
  4. Zoom is a no-no. Do you want to capture a high-resolution image of something but it appears farther? Never use the zoom. Never. A phone’s zoom is a digital one, which means that it merely crop an image and use a noise-reducing or sharpening algorithm to keep the details as best as it could. Unlike an optical zoom when there’s an actual lens adjustment happening, your phone’s zoom feature makes no optical adjustment as it simply enlarges the center of the image area while trimming the edges. This results to poor resolution and overall image quality. So the next time you take a shot, use your legs to get up close and personal with your subject.


Galaxy S5 not getting delivery reports

Problem: Hi , firstly I would like to say I have just texted you about not getting text delivery reports on my phone.  I and have just reread my message to you and noticed I haven`t put on the make of my phone. Sorry a senior moment. It`s a Galaxy S5. I would be so grateful if you could help me solve this problem. I am a disabled pensioner so my phone is very important to me.

I depend on delivery reports. Once again my thanks thanks and hope to here from you  asap. — Pam Ward-Myers

Troubleshooting: Hi Pam. Delivery report feature is carrier-specific, which means that the reason why you’re not getting it is probably because either your carrier does not support it, or the receiving party’s carrier does not support it as well. As far as we know though, all major carriers in the US support it so you should not have problems with it.

To enable delivery report in your S5, go to Menu,  then SettingsApplications, Messages, then Text messages. Under the SMS messages app, you should find “delivery reports” option. Make sure to put a checkmark on it.

You may want to double check with your provider if this feature is supported.


Feedback on Galaxy S5 charging issues

Problem: I just finish reading this article on the S5 glitches errors and questions.  As far as the charging goes I can tell you that if any other charger is used other than the Samsung one provided including the cord, this phone will charge very slow if at all. It’s almost as if Samsung did this purposely. It’s very important it must be the cord, yes the cord,  and the charger that came with the phone or any other Samsung product.  As long as you have those two in combination with your s5 tab or any Samsung then you’re OK for lightning speed charging. My S5 charges within 1 hour as long as I use the appropriate charger.  This is exactly the same for the Samsung Tab 3 that I have. Just thought I could pass this on. thank you for the article.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions

Troubleshooting: Hi Emichael. We appreciate your feedback regarding our previous article. You are right about your observation that your device may charge slower when using no-name chargers compared to when using proprietary ones from Samsung. An original Samsung charger that comes with device like the Galaxy series is significantly fast at about 800 – 1000mA while non-proprietary ones only offer some around 350mA.

It’s also important to consider a few things when charging as they may affect the length of time for your device to fully absorb power. When charging for example, make sure that the screen is turned off.

Also, if the device heats up, it has an automatic feature that decreases charging speed dramatically to prevent damaging itself. So next time you charge, make sure that it’s located in well-ventilated area where ambient temperature does not rise significantly.

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  1. hi .. just got my S5 today (now on 02). had an S3 (Virgin). turned on S Beam and NFC and nearby devices.. one of them just rings and no data is shared.. anyone got any advice please?

  2. saturday i got my phone back from sprint (a refurbished) s5 and since day two either the screen is yellowish not because of negative colors or it turns off or it doesn’t work. and that happens when i shake my phone or i let it drop with my case for more that 1” so what do i do???????????

  3. just purchased the Samsung Galaxy s5 love the phone so far only problem is if I set the phone down to her by no means dropping it it shuts off any answers would be helpful

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