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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 not immune to bending after all [Video]

Galaxy Note 4 Bend Test

Over the past few weeks, the internet has been buzzing with reports of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus bending under minimal pressure. This is now being termed as “bendgate” and it seems like we can add another device to the list with the Galaxy Note 4 shown to be bending under pressure as well. The maker of the original iPhone 6 Plus bend-test video, Unbox Therapy, decided to take the Samsung flagship for a spin and the results were fairly surprising. Although the Galaxy Note 3 was among the sturdiest devices tested during bendgate, the successor is apparently prone to bending.


However, it doesn’t bend as easily as the iPhone 6 Plus as you can see from the video. He even bends the smartphone back to its original shape, which is valuable info should you ever happen to accidentally bend the Galaxy Note 4. The big takeaway from this is that any device can bend when under pressure, even more so if it has a metal chassis.

As we all know, the Galaxy Note 4 has a metal frame while the Galaxy Note 3 came with a plastic frame. And while it looks substantially better, the Galaxy Note 4 is also a little on the weaker side. Of course, under normal circumstances, the smartphone shouldn’t bend at all, so there’s no need for concern if you’re looking to purchase the Galaxy Note 4.

Source: YouTube (Unbox Therapy)

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