Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 29]

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Music Stops By Itself On Galaxy Note 2

Problem: I have a Note 2 running 4.3. Often when I am playing mp3’s, the player will stop after a few minutes and I have to press the play button again. I have found a soft reset (turn off unit and remove battery) seems to have a short term fix, but eventually the problem returns. Is there a permanent fix for this? By the way I love your posts–I have found them very interesting and informative. Regards, John.

Solution: Hey John, thanks for reading our support articles. About your concern, if the issue could be fixed by a soft reset, I am almost certain it can be fixed by simply clearing the cache and data of the music app you’re using.

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the More tab.
  4. Tap Application manager.
  5. Swipe left or right to the All tab.
  6. Tap the music app you’re using.
  7. Tap Clear cache.
  8. Tap Clear data and then tap OK.

Your music tracks will not be deleted but your playlists will be lost. It would also be worth your time if you checked your music tracks to see if the problem was with them.

Galaxy Note 2 Heating Up

Problem: Hi, I just came across your site recently after installing Drippler. Very much appreciate your help with all of us USERS!! Apologies if this question has been answered already.

I have had my Note 2 now for over a year. What is really baffling to me is that there are times when my Note 2 just heats up. And I mean it gets HOT! I have been trying to figure out what is causing it. For example, running WAZE seems to really heat it up like crazy. So, I run WAZE at a minimum. There are times when I can sense that it is heating up and even though I shut down all of the apps, it still feels warm (not hot). I then just shut off the phone and then remove the battery. I believe leaving the Camera on will also heat up the phone.

Is this a well-known issue? What are the ways to fix this?

Phone: Galaxy Note 2 (SCH-I605), Verizon Wireless, Running Android 4.2.2. Thanks! Regards, Steve.

Suggestion: You know, Steve, it would take hours of observation before we could actually conclude what the cause of the overheating is. But if your observation is that Waze was the cause of overheating, it is very much possible because the app uses GPS as well as mobile data and Wi-Fi for location accuracy. But you know what, one way to know if it were the pre-installed apps or third-parties that cause the overheating is by booting the phone in safe mode.

If the phone still overheats even if all third-party apps were disabled, then the problem is either with the pre-installed apps or the firmware itself. Factory reset is most recommended.

Safe Mode

  1. Turn off the Galaxy Note 2 by pressing the Power button (positioned in the right edge of the device). Tap Power Off from the choices that will appear followed by OK.
  2. Press the Power button again, but this time, keep your finger pressed on it together with the Volume Down button.
  3. Let go of the Power button when you see the Samsung Galaxy Note II logo but do not let go of the Volume Down key yet.
  4. After that, you will see a status message telling you that your Galaxy Note 2 is now in Safe Mode. Let go of the Volume Down key and tap the OK button.

Galaxy Note 2 Randomly Reboots

Problem: I’m sure it’s been brought up several times but after having my Note 2 since almost the day it was released it has lately started freezing and randomly resetting itself. I have no details really since I’m typically just browsing the Web or scanning around Facebook and it just stops and reboots… I don’t want to have to do a factory reset but most all issues that tends to be the main fix from what I believe. I’m open to any advise or if it’s been discussed before a point in the right direction is appreciated also. Thank you for your time.

Suggestion: I understand why you are hesitant to reset phone back to its factory settings. But try to isolate the problem and observe your phone in safe mode. If it still reboots, then try wiping the cache partition to see if that makes a difference in performance. If not, then there’s no other choice but to perform factory reset.

Just in case the problem was caused by a third-party app, just find that app, uninstall it and just install it back. Close observation is important to know what the cause is. If you knew the cause, you can solve the problem.

Galaxy Note 2 Running Slower Than Normal

Question: Good morning, my Note 2 is running slower that normal. I am on AT&T and have tried uninstalling all of the nonessential apps on the phone and have also tried a factory reset. Neither of these fixes have worked. Is there something else I could try? Would rooting the phone help with performance? I am currently running 4.4.2. Thank you for any help you can give, Joe.

Answer: The question is why would you want to root the phone? Rooting will just give you full administrative rights to your phone but it can’t make it run faster by just doing that. If you were to root your phone, I suggest you get rid of AT&T bloatware or install custom ROMs. There will be a noticeable performance improvement if you did the latter.

Setup Recurring Reminders on Galaxy Note 2

Question: I found your site about six months ago and really enjoy reading your answers to all the questions. My question is the following: Is there a way to set up recurring reminders on my Note 2? Example: I wish to set up a recurring reminder every three days at 5 pm. Can this be done on the Note 2? Thank you for your assistance. — LC

Answer: Using your phone’s calendar, you would really have to setup the reminders manually but if you want it to be automated, use the alarm clock. You can set the specific time for the reminder and set what days of the week you want it to go off.

Galaxy Note 2 Can’t Connect To Wi-Fi Network

Question: Hi team, read your blog on the internet from where I got the mail-id, I am writing this mail to get the answer for my Note 2 WiFi.

My device is able to search the WiFi network but unable to connect with that. Even the same problem is arising with the tethering hotspot. After switching on the Tethering hotspot of my device Samsung Note 2, the system & other device are able to save the device but unable to connect with it. I have done the hard reset also after which the problem is still occurring. Kindly guide me on this. Regards, Shashank.

Answer: I don’t know if your phone is rooted and you’re using a custom ROM or just the stock firmware but based on your description, the problem may be caused by corrupt modem files. It can be rectified by re-flashing the stock firmware. You can do so by downloading the firmware and flash it using Odin.

Galaxy Note 2 Automatically Turn Vibration Mode On

Concern: Hi Droid Guy, I own an Note 2, I had updated to Android 4.4.2, 5 months back, from that time itself i am facing a problem of phone is getting in to vibration mode automatically. I have also tried your solution, which I had read couple of days back, which found to be ineffective. This problem truly irritates me. I am also planning to go back to 4.3. Please help. Thanks & Best Regards, Jibin.

Answer: What was the “solution” you tried that was ineffective? Are you sure that the one you tried was addressed to a problem the same as yours? But I take your word that you’ve tried the solution we provided. If so, factory reset your phone to see if the issue is with the firmware. If the problem persists after that, then it’s a possible hardware issue.

Delete Data On Galaxy Note 3 With Cracked Screen

Question: I have Samsung Note 2 smartphone my screen get cracked I can see nothing. What should I do to delete all the contents on my phone? Thank you.

Answer: Well, try to do factory reset blindly. Try this…

  1. Hold Volume Up + Home + Power Key wait for 3 minutes
  2. Press volume down 3 times
  3. Press power button
  4. Press volume down 6 times
  5. Press power key

If that won’t work, connect the phone to an Ubuntu machine and delete all folders except “Android” and “device_id.txt” file.

In case you’ve enabled Android Device Manager on your phone, log in to on a computer using the Google account set up on your phone, click on Manage active devices link, and hit Erase.

Unable To Charge Error Message On Galaxy Note 2

Error: Hi. I am really a big fan of your site, you are doing a pretty decent job. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100), currently I’m facing one problem which really annoys me. I have tried to google it but no benefits. My problem is when I connect the charger, sometimes (more frequently) it gives me error saying “Unable to charge your device. Make sure that you are using a Samsung-compatible battery and charger, and that your device is properly connected to the charger.”

I want to inform you that I’m already using Samsung’s OEM battery and charger and already tried different chargers as well as battery but no benefits. I’m attaching screenshot of it too. Really need your help. Please mail back with a solution. Regards from your site fan. Keep it up. — Bhargav

Suggestion: I saw this issue in action before and the issue with the USB charge port, it needs to be checked or even replaced if already damaged. Actually the error message you’re getting is related to the error that says your battery temperature is either too hot or too cold. The only solution you have is to bring it to a technician because there’s nothing you can do about it.

“Unfortunately Samsung text-to-speech engine has stopped”

Error: Hi, I am seeing this error message constantly appearing on my Note 2. “Unfortunately Samsung text-to-speech engine has stopped.” Please guide me into how to remove this message. Thank you. — Diva

Solution: You should have indicated what happens before the message comes up, although it is obviously related to the S Voice crashing. So, the most logical procedure to address this is to clearing the cache and data of the S Voice app. If that doesn’t work, I suggest you perform factory reset or turn off S Voice. You may also want to use Google text-to-speech instead of Samsung’s.

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