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Samsung Galaxy Golden 2 to launch soon

Galaxy Golden 2

Samsung took us all by surprise when it announced the Galaxy Golden last year sporting a dual screen flip phone form factor. And given the excessively priced nature of the handset, it didn’t quite turn into the success that the company had hoped. However, it seems like the company hasn’t given up on the concept as of yet with a successor now surfacing.

The Galaxy Golden 2 has leaked via Samsung thanks to a user manual, thus confirming its existence. The manual further suggests that the Galaxy Golden 2 will pack a relatively large 4.6 inch (1280 x 768) AMOLED displays on both sides (up from 3.7 and 3.5 inch displays), meaning it will be significantly larger than the first gen model. The handset is also shown to be sporting a 16-megapixel camera along with the Snapdragon 801 quad core chipset, 2GB of RAM and support for dual-SIM cards.

It’s clear that the Galaxy Golden 2 will be treated more as a flagship this time around, which should increase chances of its success. However, we’re yet to see the utility of having two 4.6 inch displays on a flip phone.

Would you be interested in the Galaxy Golden 2?

Samsung Galaxy Golden 2

Source: Samsung

Via: GSM Arena

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