Motorola Shows New Page With Android Lollipop Details

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With some manufacturers like HTC now having dedicated update pages, Motorola has launched one of their own for Lollipop. Many devices from the past two years are going to get updates, according to the website. This list includes:

  • The 1st gen Moto X
  • The 2nd gen Moto X
  • The 1st gen Moto G, Including the LTE variant
  • The 2nd gen Moto G
  • The Moto E
  • The Droid Ultra
  • The Droid Mini
  • The Droid Maxx



Once you select where you got your device from, that’s unfortunately it for now. But hopefully, as Motorola starts soak tests with select users, they’ll update the page with more information on when which devices are getting Lollipop. At least you can know that Motorola will be aiming to get it onto your device.

Source: Motorola via Droid Life