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Microsoft launches three new apps on the Google Play Store

Microsoft Next Lockscreen

Microsoft has just launched two new apps for Android known as Next Lock Screen and Journeys and Notes. The Redmond giant has also introduced an app specifically meant for Android Wear devices known as Torque. All three apps are free, so you can try them all.

Next Lock Screen is essentially a replacement for your standard lock screen. It’s pretty simplistic in nature and doesn’t come with too many fancy features to make it stand out from the crowd of lockscreen apps that we see around us. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s certainly worth a try as lockscreen applications usually bring something new.

The Journeys and Notes applications will let you keep travel logs for your trips. Lastly, the Torque app for your Android Wear smartwatch lets customers use Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant instead of Google Now. Users will just have to twist their arm to activate this feature, but apart from that it doesn’t really bring anything else to the table.

Would you be interested in either of these apps? Let us know.

Source: Microsoft Garage

Via: The Verge

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