Iliad Set To Make A New Offer For T-Mobile


After proposing a deal that was immediately refuted, French carrier Iliad seems ready to make another bid to buy T-Mobile USA. Currently German carrier Deutsche Telekom owns 66% of T-Mobile, but is looking to sell it.

Iliad’s original deal was to buy just 56.6% of T-Mobile, but the new deal seems to indicate they are thinking much bigger this time. They’re still offering $33 for each share of T-Mobile, but the full percentage Iliad seeks to buy is unknown.

Iliad is currently in talks with different financial institutions to raise an additional $5 billion more to get a successful buyout of T-Mobile. Deutsche Telekom has indicated they want at least $35 per share for T-Mobile in the past, so it’s not known if this deal will be successful.

Iliad has set a goal of trying to set a deal with Deutsche Telekom by the end of this month, so if successful, a deal could be announced very soon. Since the AT&T and Sprint buyouts of T-Mobile were met with widespread regulatory issues, it will be interesting to see how the government feels about an international company buying T-Mobile.

Source: Bloomberg via iMore