Ice hockey lovers rejoice as NHL 2K15 hits the Play Store

NHL 2K15 - Play Store

2K Sports has just launched the NHL 2K15 app on the Play Store after its arrival was mentioned last month. With NHL 2K15, fans will be able to enjoy an all new multiplayer mode which allows you to compete with players online. There are a large variety of playing levels such as career, free skate mode and a penalty shootouts, making the gameplay experience an absolute pleasure for the fans.

However, all these goodies come with a price. At $7.99, NHL 2K15 is certainly not going easy on your wallets. But true NHL fans will not mind the premium as long as the experience is enjoyable. To make the game even more attractive, 2K Sports has said that there will be necessary updates and additions along the way to account for roster and team changes that take place midway through the regular season.

2K Sports has been on the forefront of sports video games over the past few years. And considering the hardware packing on current gen mobile hardware, developers have the liberty to push the GPU cores to the max. Make sure you give the app a look from the link below.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Talk Android

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