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Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Nexus 6 and the Galaxy Note 4 [Video]

Nexus 6

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is already available in the U.S. through a multitude of carriers. And it’s only natural for us to compare the smartphone with Google’s latest offering, the Nexus 6 which was launched last week. And now, courtesy of UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, we have a better idea of how the two smartphones compare in terms of size and features.

What’s instantly evident from the video is the fact that even though the Nexus 6 is significantly larger than the Galaxy Note 4 on paper, the size difference isn’t actually all that much. The two smartphones pack AMOLED displays, although the Galaxy Note 4 was revealed to be slightly better. With both handsets featuring 3,220 mAh battery packs, standby time is apparently very identical. However, Motorola’s Turbo Charging feature included in the Nexus 6 gives it a minor edge over the Samsung offering.

As far as camera optics are concerned, the Nexus 6 was revealed to be a winner in low light conditions although the Galaxy Note 4 was the better performer overall. In conclusion, it seems like the Nexus 6 is a strong contender in the high end segment giving big ticket manufacturers a run for their money.

Would you pick the Nexus 6 over the Galaxy Note 4?

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Guys

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