Google will now remind you to pay your monthly bills

Google Now Bills

Google Now has received a new update with the ability to tell users about the monthly bills due from services like Comcast, Netflix etc, provided these bills are sent to your email. However, Google Now will show the bills when you ask for it and won’t voluntarily display cards with the due amount and billing date. But whenever you think you might have forgotten your mortgage or bill payment, you can just take the phone out of the pocket and simply say – “show me my bills” and Google will have the result for you. If there’s no outstanding bill pending, Google Now will tell you that there are no matching bills found in your Gmail account.

Naturally, this feature could be region restricted so it might not work everywhere around the world. But it’s good to know that such a feature exists within Google Now, which sounds quite simple but could save plenty of time for the users. If there’s one thing Google can change here, it is the ability to include bills which are listed in the Promotions, Social or other filters over at Gmail. But we can expect this to be fixed in subsequent updates.

Source: Google+

Via: Android Community

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