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Google could start selling Project Ara smartphones via the Play Store

Project Ara

Project Ara is scheduled to break cover sometime next year with a working prototype expected to break cover in December at the Ara developer conference. The lead of Project Ara, Paul Eremenko has now shared some details on how these modules will be sold during launch. According to him, Google could be looking to sell Project Ara devices and modules directly from the Play Store, thus making it easier for customers to get them at one convenient place.

Customers will also be able to review them in order to provide feedback on the product and assist other customers with the particular unit. It is also being said that Google wants to screen the modules sold on the store, which will increase quality control to a great extent. It’s all shaping up to be very interesting and we’re looking forward to seeing how Google and the Project Ara team handles the launch next year. What do you think about Project Ara?

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Via: Talk Android

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