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Google Play Newsstand getting the Material Design update

Google Play Newsstand

The Google Play Newsstand app is getting a new update which brings the Material Design guidelines to the fore. This is something we expect to see system wide when the Android L update is made available commercially. Google has already updated the Play Store with Material Design so it was only a matter of of time before other Google apps received similar treatment. Expect these changes to reflect on all core Google apps which are available on Android smartphones and tablets.

In its announcement, Google had the following to say – “Today’s redesign brings a new magazine reading experience on your phone. In the past, print magazines have been hard to read on a small screen, zooming in and out to skim an article. But now you’ll see a list of articles from the magazine that you can toggle through and easily read with big images right on your phone.”

Material Design essentially introduces a streamlined approach towards navigating content on any given app. The Play Store has certainly gotten a lot better with Material Design, so expect the same from this particular update. The changes will reflect in over 40 countries where the Play Newsstand app is used. You can try downloading the updated version of the app from the Play Store as well.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: 9to5Google

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