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Founder of Android, Andy Rubin leaves Google

Andy Rubin

One of the founders of Android, Andy Rubin, has official announced his departure from the company. It is said that after leaving Google, he will focus on developing and helping out tech startups in the industry. Having been part of Android since 2005 and more recently with the robotics division at Google, this marks a significant exit for the company.

He hasn’t detailed his roadmap for the future, but it is believed that Rubin will start his own company which will aid startups, probably related to robotics which has been a fascination for Rubin over at Google. During his tenure at Google and more importantly as the head of Android, Rubin has overseen massive growth of the mobile platform.

It was only last year when Google decided to hand over the Android division to Sundar Pichai who was heading the Chrome division at the time. Rubin has certainly come a long way with Google and is widely considered the father of Android. But as with all good things, it had to end someday.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Via: Android Community

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