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Drop test reveals the Galaxy Note 4 to be a very durable device

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Black

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to take the American markets by storm in about a week from now. But before you make the all important decision to buy the handset, wouldn’t it be great to know how durable it is? Well, Samsung has that covered now with a new drop test video showing the Galaxy Note 4 in action, giving us a good idea of what to expect in terms of toughness and durability.

Initial hands-on impressions of the smartphone have suggested that the Galaxy Note 4 possesses a sturdy build quality, so this is hardly a surprise. However, it will be wise to wait for real world drop tests to properly gauge the smartphone’s toughness.

The Galaxy Note 4 has already seen some issues before it hits global markets with users in South Korea noticing abnormal gaps between the display panel and the casing. However, Samsung was quick to defend itself by calling this a necessary manufacturing feature. Are you looking forward to the Galaxy Note 4 launch next week? Let us know.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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