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Demo units of Samsung Gear VR reportedly facing overheating issues

Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR has already been up for demonstration in a variety of Samsung stores across the world, including the U.S. A new report from South Korea is now suggesting that some units of this head mounted wearable are suffering from heat related issues. This has forced store employees to limit the demo time to just 25 minutes, as it can get pretty uncomfortable for the customers. The extent or the reason for this is not known yet, but it seems like the folks at Samsung have some last minute tweaking to do before the big unveiling later next month.

This could be a massive setback for Samsung as the device is supposed to be worn on the user’s head at all times and any overheating related issues will not make it suitable for use. But since the report is only coming from South Korea at the moment, it is likely that this was an isolated incident. As you know, the Samsung Gear VR requires a Galaxy Note 4 to function as a companion, so the wearable is very limited as far as functionality is concerned. We’ll keep an eye out for any word from Samsung regarding the issue.

Source: Asia Today – Translated

Via: G For Games

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