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Cyanogen Inc reportedly declined Google’s bid for an acquisition

Cyanogen Inc

A new report has claimed that Cyanogen Inc has flatly declined Google’s offer to acquire the company. This comes even as the Google top brass was personally believed to have approached the team to further discuss terms. It’s unclear as to why Cyanogen said no to this possibly lucrative offer, but our first guess is that they are concerned about their potential future with a company like Google.

While it’s completely possible that Cyanogen will be left independent even if the acquisition went through, any fears the team has is completely justified. This leads us to the question of why Google wants to acquire Cyanogen. This is pretty obvious really as it would be good business to have the best custom ROM makers in the business under your wing. But that’s all in the past now as Cyanogen clearly doesn’t want to be acquired by Google. Not at the moment anyways. Perhaps the team will be interested in a new offer if Google is willing to renegotiate the deal again.

Via: Android Community

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