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Best Buy now selling spare Moto 360 wireless chargers

Moto 360 Charger

Best Buy has now started selling the spare or replacement charger for the Moto 360 smartwatch through its retail outlets across the U.S. Although the Moto 360 comes with a charger of its own, customers can have a spare charger in handy for work or if they travel frequently. Since this isn’t an ordinary charger, Motorola is charging a hefty $39.99. This is understandable given that it is based on the Qi standard. However, there are multiple Qi based chargers available elsewhere for a lot cheaper, which is worth a look as well.

Best Buy is only offering in-store pickup for this wireless charger which means there’s no home delivery available. So make sure you walk into the nearest Best Buy outlet for more details on the spare charger for the Moto 360.

At $40, the Moto 360 wireless charger is relatively expensive compared to conventional charging accessories. Considering that the charger cannot be used for anything other than the Moto 360, it might be better to look at other Qi based chargers. Hopefully, Motorola will bring the price down in the future to make this a more attractive proposition to Moto 360 owners.

Source: Best Buy

Via: Talk Android

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