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AT&T Increasing Some Lower Data Tier Amounts


If you’re on one of AT&T’s lower Mobile Share Value plans, you’re in luck. The data allotments aren’t as much as you might hope, but they are a really good improvement. And from the looks of it, this deal doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

  • $40 per month is now 3 GB (up from 2)
  • $70 per month is now 6 GB (up from 4)

You can get these new plans starting Sunday, November 2nd. So while you can’t walk into an AT&T store or switch online yet, you will be able to in a few days (at the time of this post).

AT&T is also extending their Double the Data deal for the 15 GB+ share plans until November 15. They were set to expire after today, but you can still get 30 GB of data for the cost of 15 GB for longer now. You just have to still pay $25 per month for each smartphone you have on your plan.

But if you’re an AT&T customer, do you like these upgrades? And if you’re not a customer yet, are these deals convincing you to switch?

Source: AT&T via Android Central

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