AT&T allegedly replacing Kids Mode on the LTE Galaxy Tab 4 with a paid app

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - Kids Mode

According to a new report, AT&T is looking to ditch the Kids Mode feature from Samsung’s devices in favor of a paid version which is sold on the Play Store. It is said that AT&T’s LTE variant of the Galaxy Tab 4 is seeing the inclusion of the Famingo app, which serves a similar purpose as the Kids Mode feature but comes with a price tag of $4.99. We’re not quite sure what the reasoning behind this could be apart from monetizing devices further, but it will certainly not go down well with the customers.

The particular user who brought this to the world’s attention has reportedly filed complaints with the FCC and the FTC. So this issue could be escalated really quickly. There’s no word on whether this will be limited to the Galaxy Tab 4, but we haven’t come across reports of other Samsung devices having the Kids Mode feature removed. Samsung pre-installs this particular app to protect the parents’ privacy and avoid kids from making unauthorized purchases online. This feature can be seen on Samsung’s flagship devices like the Galaxy S5 and the new range of Galaxy Tab devices.

Via: Sam Mobile