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Touchscreen glitches of the OnePlus One still unfixed

OnePlus One

According to a new report, the OnePlus One smartphone is still believed to be affected by the touchscreen related glitch which has been reported for the past couple of months now. Although OnePlus and Cyanogen have issued multiple bug fixes and patches to resolve the issue, users are still seeing ghost touches and some other touch related issues as well.

The issue has gotten so widespread that members of the OnePlus forum took to Reddit in order to explain their stance. Although the original post has now been edited, here’s what it said –

Guys seriously, you cannot put more pressure on us because we’re already f**king panicking over this shit. Sorry for the language. Having a touch screen phone with a non-working touchscreen is death to a company. We’re not idiots, we understand this very well. Right now we have 2 issues categorized as “holy f**k if we don’t fix this we’re dead” – customer support and touch screen issue. Trust me on this one, we’re taking it super duper serious and have significant amounts of man-power dedicated to both of these issues.”

Upon hearing about this recurring issue, Cyanogen has merged a fix for the touchscreen issue into the kernel source, which can be flashed by rooted users of the OnePlus One. Initial reports suggest that the issue has been partially resolved after the latest change, but this update is no good if you don’t have a rooted OnePlus One.

Via: Ausdroid

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