‘Sup’ for Android allows you to see through your friends’ cameras

Sup - Android

Social apps are increasing in numbers with each passing day. While some apps like Yo are quite redundant, there are some useful ones coming up in the ranks as well. Sup is one such app which has now made its way to the Google Play Store. Sup essentially lets users cross between a video call and a Snapchat like system with a countdown timer.

It’s not like a conventional video call though, as once a user accepts the invitation to ‘Sup’, friends on the other end can ask them to turn the camera in whichever direction they want, which makes it more personal and social. Of course, this feature is opt-in so users aren’t forced into sharing their camera with friends. As far as utility is concerned, it’s no different from Skype or a Hangouts video call really, but the addition of a few nifty social elements makes it a fun app to use.

As the countdown timer runs out, users can request a time extension so that the live feed is not interrupted. Make sure you give this app a try by heading over to the link below.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Phandroid

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