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Sony introduces the trendy Style Cover for the Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 Style Cover

Multiple manufacturers launch their very own flip covers following the launch of a flagship handset. This is a trend which was originally started by Samsung with its flip cover cases for the Galaxy Note series. However, today we see a majority of manufacturers launching flip cover cases for their smartphones and Sony is the latest to join the fray. Following last week’s announcement of the Xperia Z3, the manufacturer has introduced the Style Cover, which is very reminiscent of Samsung’s Quick Window case.

Considering that Samsung, HTC and LG have their very own cases for their flagship devices, it was only a matter of time until Sony joined the mix too. The case, much like every flip case we’ve seen in the market, gives users a peek of the display right through the cover. Users can manage notifications and even respond to them right within this small window.

There’s no word on how much the Style Cover will cost, but since it’s coming directly from the manufacturer, expect it to be a little heavy on your wallets.

Via: Xperia Blog

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