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Second gen developer edition Moto X will not be sold through Verizon

The new Moto X

Motorola made a couple of announcements on Thursday, with the new Moto X comfortably stealing the show. And much like last year, the smartphone was expected to be available in a regular carrier variant and a developer edition unlocked model. But the company has some bad news for fans of the developer edition Moto X, as Verizon Wireless reportedly won’t sell this model.

VP of Product Management at Motorola, Punit Soni confirmed this on Google+ and subtly suggested that it was the carrier’s decision to not carry the developer edition model. The developer edition Moto X allows developers and interested customers to install custom ROMs and play around with the system. However, Verizon’s regular models will come with a locked boot loader instead, making it quite a tough ask to flash custom ROMs. So the message is quite clear from this new revelation – if you want a custom ROM friendly version of the second gen Moto X, Verizon is not the place to look.

What do you make of Verizon’s decision?

Source: Google+

Via: Phandroid

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