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Samsung launches new Power Sharing USB charging cable

Samsung Power Sharing

Samsung has just launched a new Power Sharing USB charging cable which can transfer power from one Samsung device to another. The company has also set up a dedicated application meant for this specific purpose which will let you select the amount of power you want to draw from the source device. This is convenient if you own multiple Samsung devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches etc and don’t see the need to carry an external battery or separate charging adapters.

Of course, this also means that the source device will have to carry plenty of juice in order to charge other devices, so it might be more suitable for owners of a Samsung tablet as smartphones don’t usually have a large battery capacity. The company is charging $19.99 for the cable, which is quite a steep price for a charging accessory. Samsung was kind enough to provide step by step details on how to use this cable:

To start, download the “Power Sharing” app from Samsung Apps or the Google Play store, and select the amount of power to transfer. Then, simply plug in one end of the cable into the device that the power is being drawn from while plugging in the other end of the cable into the device to be charged.

Source: Samsung, Google Play Store

Via: Android Central

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