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Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors, Questions and Solutions [Part 34]

Hello guys, welcome to the 34th part of our longest running support series for the Samsung Galaxy S3. After months of publishing articles like this, we may have covered every possible problem an owner may encounter. However, we need to reciprocate efforts exerted by our readers to explain in details there problems and questions that’s why we continue on doing this.

As long as we receive emails messages, we will never stop. Thus, if you have problems with your Galaxy S3, feel free to contact us via We cannot guarantee to be able to respond to every email we receive but rest assured we read every single one of them. And due to the volume of emails we receive each day, we may not be able to include your problem to our scheduled publications.

I suggest you also post your problem on the wall of our Facebook page as we also answer use it for this same purpose. For those who have setup their Google+ accounts, you may reach out to us through our Google+ page. I also created a community where I often hangout to answer questions related to Android problems. Feel free to join in and post your problems as there is a big chance you’ll catch me online because I keep that page open on my computer. [click here to join]

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  1. Galaxy S3 Won’t Power On Unless Plugged In
  2. Galaxy S3 Crashed, Won’t Boot Up
  3. Galaxy S3 Bluetooth Having Problems After Reset
  4. Galaxy S3 Charging and Power Issue
  5. Galaxy S3 Can’t Download Picture Messages
  6. Galaxy S3 Firmware Installation Interrupted
  7. Galaxy S3 Freezes When Taking Screenshots
  8. Galaxy S3 Music Track Repeats
  9. Galaxy S3 Shows SIM Is Blocked
  10. Computer Can’t Recognize Galaxy S3
  11. World Clock Opens Multiple Windows on Galaxy S3
  12. Galaxy S3 ‘Camera Failed’ Error
  13. Engage with us

Galaxy S3 Won’t Power On Unless Plugged In

Problem: Last week when I clicked the camera icon on my phone, the phone immediately turned off. Then this week, it won’t stay on unless plugged in to the PC or car charger. I took it to a Sprint office and they rooted it back to factory and it still won’t power on. Any suggestions? — Dave

Troubleshooting: Dave, I don’t think the firmware has something to do with the problem. Based on your description, it appears like it’s a battery problem. One way to confirm this is to us a different battery. The camera issue, which you first mentioned, may have only occurred due to lack of power to run the sensor.

Galaxy S3 Crashed, Won’t Boot Up

Problem: Good afternoon, last night my Samsung S3, when i was using it the screen started to flicker and then said device is fully charged even though it wasn’t on charge! The phone crashed and now wont boot. It gets stuck on the ‘Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300’ screen and stays there forever. When I boot it in Recovery mode (Holding down Volume up, home key and Power button) it says failed to mount /system (Invalid Argument). What do I do!!? Your help would be much appreciated. Many thanks. — Ollie

Suggestion: It seems the phone is having a hard time finding system files necessary to boot to recovery. But the fact that it can boot up the Samsung logo is evident the hardware is fine. I don’t know the history of the phone or what happened before it crashed and since it cannot boot up to recovery, try booting up to Safe Mode. If it can, then factory reset may be able to fix it. Otherwise, the only option left for you to do is re-flash the firmware that’s already in it using Odin.

Galaxy S3 Bluetooth Having Problems After Reset

Problem: Hi, I can’t seem to find a solution to my problem. I complete a factory reset on my phone last weekend.   After the reset my Bluetooth signal has been having issues. It would connect and then disconnect 10 seconds later and will continue doing this until I turn off my Bluetooth on my phone. My Bluetooth worked perfectly fine before the reset and I haven’t dropped the phone or anything. I’ve tried connecting with 3 different Bluetooth devices, it did the same thing each time. Help? Thanks. — Anne

Suggestion: Anne, it’s worth another try. Please perform factory reset once more but this time do the full reset by booting to recovery mode. If the problem persists after that, then the firmware is corrupt and you have a choice to contact Samsung and have its rep tech fix the problem or find a tech in your area who knows how to re-flash the firmware. Also, rooting the phone and installing a custom ROM can fix this issue.

Galaxy S3 Charging and Power Issue

Problem: Hey, my Samsung Galaxy S3 has been giving me some problems these days. Since 2 days it won’t charge no matter which charger I try. When I plug it in charging the screen shoes a battery and then it goes back off. And when it does charge it won’t turn on. And if it does turn on it only charges till 3 percent and then stops and then it dies and then the same procedure repeats itself. It was working perfectly fine till 2 days ago. Please try and help me figure this problem out. Thanks! Have a great day. — Mikael

Solution: Okay, so the phone charges and turns on after all. The problem is that it can’t charge beyond 3 percent and when the battery drains out, the cycle repeats. First of all, try plugging in the phone to a computer or laptop to find out if it charges just fine if there’s a stable power source. If it does, then the problem was with your power adapter.

In case the phone won’t charge when plugged to other power sources, try to use a different USB cable. There’s a possibility that the cable you use has a break somewhere. If the result is the same, then it could be a battery problem. If you a friend who also owns an S3, borrow his / her battery and insert it to your phone. If it charges and turns on without problems, then you need to buy another battery pack.

Now, after doing all those things that the problem persists, it’s time you brought the phone to a technician to be checked. There could be an issue with the USB charging port.

Galaxy S3 Can’t Download Picture Messages

Problem: Hi, I read your article below on trying to get my Galaxy S3 to download text pictures and still have a question: Samsung Galaxy S3 Can’t Download Photos Sent Through Text Message. I tried following your advice, but I do not have an option for “Use Packet Data” under my network? Is there another way to get to this? Many thanks, Keriann.

Solution: I do admit that article is already outdated and inaccurate. The basic way to troubleshoot problems with MMS is to make sure your mobile data is enabled. Picture messages need mobile data to be sent and received regardless whether the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network or not.

If mobile data in your phone is already enabled but you still have issues with downloading pictures as attachments to text messages, then call your service provider and inquire about the status of your account. If there’s no problem with your account, then ask for correct APN settings and ask the rep to walk you through adding or editing the APN in your phone. I wouldn’t go beyond this because the problem could also be caused by network issues.

Galaxy S3 Firmware Installation Interrupted

Problem: Hello, my cell won’t update; it gets interrupted after the re-start process when you see Android then a new screen pops up where Android is lying flat with Red icon and words above and below it. That screen goes dark then it states “Install interrupted communication failed: The server is currently unavailable. Your device will automatically check for service in 48 hours.”

I had received this message “install interrupted” once before and thought it was due to “wrong SIM card utilized.” Today I used a co-workers SIM card (AT&T) and it did the same thing. Is it possible you can help me with this inquiry? Thank you, Mary.

Solution: The SIM card has nothing to do with it. This problem, however, only appears after you initiated the update process and was interrupted during the download or installation due to loss of connection or the phone suddenly shut off. The message that says your phone ‘will automatically check for service in 48 hours’ will never happen. You have to do something to fix it. I don’t know if you can still boot normally but if not, try booting to Safe Mode. If you can, backup your data and factory reset the phone.

If, however, you cannot boot to safe mode, try booting to recovery mode and wipe cache partition then perform factory reset. As you may have already noticed, I really want you to reset your phone then re-download the update. If all these failed, find someone who knows how to flash firmware and have him re-flash the previous version of your firmware.

Galaxy S3 Freezes When Taking Screenshots

Problem: Hi I was wondering what could I do to fix my phones screenshots feature most of the time they never work or it doesn’t seem to engage. I don’t use the gesture so I hold down the power button and the home button but it just freezes on saving screenshot until I restart my phone and it goes away? Nothing saved. Please help. Me out. Thanks! I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-1900.

Solution: Check your storage, it’s one of the signs that there’s isn’t enough space to save photos. The part where the phone freezes is because it is trying to find space to save the picture that’s already in its memory as cache. Since there’s not enough space left, the phone hangs as there is conflict with normal operation. But I could be wrong.

Another possibility is a third-party app is causing the problem. To rule this out, boot to safe mode and try taking screenshots from there. If you can do that without experiencing the same problems, then you need to find the app that’s causing this and disable or uninstall it.

Galaxy S3 Music Track Repeats

Problem: Hello, I’m contacting you today to ask about why my phone messes up music a lot. Now, To get into detail, On every music player I use, When I try to skip ahead or go back on a song using the bar it’ll restart the song! How do I fix this?

Solution: Since this is happening to every music app you used, I have a feeling that all your music tracks where inadvertently duplicated. So, check for duplicate music files first. If there’s none, build a small playlist and experiment on it. It’s an app-specific issue because as you said it happens to every music app you use, so it’s gotta be your music tracks. I never encountered this problem before and there’s not much details on your description so I can’t pinpoint where the problem is.

Galaxy S3 Shows SIM Is Blocked

Problem: Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 suddenly is not recognize the SIM and it shows block mode. Kindly advice on this matter? — Biniam

Solution: There’s nothing we can do about this. Call your service provider and report this as soon as possible. They may need to replace your SIM card or remove block in your account if that was the case.

Computer Can’t Recognize Galaxy S3

Problem: I recently purchased a new computer that has Windows OS7. I want to transfer songs, pics, etc from my phone to the computer; and vice versa. However, the only way I have been able to accomplish this is via Bluetooth. When I tried to get the computer to recognize my phone by USB, it prompts me to search for and install the necessary driver. The driver never installs. Also, I used to be able to just plug the USB into the computer and my phone would ask me how I wanted to use the USB cord: charge only or transfer data/media. I no longer receive this message. Any suggestions? — Rhonda

Solution: It’s not really a problem, you just need to install necessary drivers so your phone can be recognized by your new computer. I don’t know the model of your phone so I can’t provide the specific link for its drivers. Just install Samsung KIES ( for Windows that that issue will go away as soon as installation is finished.

World Clock Opens Multiple Windows on Galaxy S3

Problem: Hello, after the update on my Galaxy S3, I have noticed that during every phone call I make, the world clock opens and then the phone goes haywire and I end up having to close about 7-10 screens to simply get back to the call screen to hang it up….it’s annoying!

It seems as if once the World Clock opens, the phone opens all sorts of apps (that if I wanted to get to while on the phone, I couldn’t..ha). Your help is great appreciated.

Solution: I never heard of this problem before but I’m sure it’s easy to fix. I don’t know if those screens you need to close are push ads, widgets or apps but if it’s the World Clock that causes the problem, clear its cache and data. Please note that you will lose your data including your alarms. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the app and just re-install it back. That should take care of it.

Galaxy S3 ‘Camera Failed’ Error

Problem: Hello, Please I’ve been trying to solve the issue of my Samsung galaxy s3 camera that stopped working. It keeps giving me the message “camera failed”. I have tried every solution possible but all to no avail. I reboot, clear cache, data, force stop and restart again. It still won’t work. Please can you render any other solution. Thank you. — Nafisat

Suggestion: If you’ve exhausted all possible troubleshooting procedures and the problem remained, it’s time you brought the phone to a technician and have it checked as there could be a problem with the camera sensor itself.

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