Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 22]

To our avid readers, welcome to the 22nd part of our Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems series. I addressed 8 problems and 4 questions in this post so feel free to skim through it to find out if your concern has already been included. While we’ve already addressed hundreds of problems, we still find it necessary to publish articles like this to answer emails we received. Based on the number of messages, it seems that we will be doing this kind of work for a long time.

Samsung Galaxy S2

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Galaxy S2 Won’t Turn On

Problem: Good afternoon, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. My phone worked yesterday. I put it on charge and when I came later back to the phone, the phone was dead. I tried everything but the phone won’t come back on. I tried a new battery also doesn’t work. I need my photo’s on the phone. What can I do? Greetings, Rochelle.

Solution: We really don’t know what happened while the phone was charging but thanks for ruling out the possibility that it’s a battery issue. There is a procedure I want your to do:

  1. Remove the battery of the phone.
  2. While the battery is out, press and hold the Power key for 30 seconds to drain electricity off of capacitors.
  3. Place the battery back in and try to turn the phone on.

If it still wouldn’t turn on, then try booting it in safe mode and/or recovery mode. If it can boot to any of those modes, then the hardware is working fine; it’s the firmware that might have issue.

In case the phone boots up in safe mode, you can backup all your photos, otherwise, there’s no other way to fix it except factory reset, which may delete all photos saved in your phone’s internal memory.

Galaxy S2 Charges Very Slow

Problem: Hello, I have tried taking the battery out, turning on then battery back in etc the phone will not stay charged? Last night it was plugged into the wall charger for at least 7 hrs and it was only at 24% then it will start beeping saying it charging when doing nothing? I am not sure what the issue is.

Solution: There is a chance that the system as well as the functions and apps are draining the battery faster than the power adapter can charge. So, I suggest you boot the phone in safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps and services, and then enable Airplane mode to turn off all wireless communications.

Adjust the screen brightness to the lowest and then go to Settings > Power Saving and then check both ‘System power saving’ and ‘Custom power saving’. Now, try to charge the phone to see if it’s charging fine. If not, then try a different charger. In case the problem persists, try a different battery. If the issue is neither caused by the charger nor the battery, then there is an issue with the USB charge board. You need to have the phone checked by a technician.

Galaxy S2 Refuses To Boot Up

Problem 1: Hello, my galaxy s2 only blinks the logo when turned on, nothing more. I have checked the battery and SIM card but am unable to get it to boot up, any suggestions? Pam

Problem 2: My phone’s screen has gone dark and when I press the unlock button the screen does not come back on. I can only see that the menu light are getting on and off during the process of locking and unlocking. Please help.

Solution: Both of these problems can be fixed by clearing the cache partition, or at least, that’s the first procedure that should be done.

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold both Volume Up and Volume Down keys at the same time.
  3. Press the Power key only until the phone vibrates once, then release only the Power key.
  4. Continue to hold the Volume up and Volume Down keys until the Android System Recovery screen appears.
  5. Press the Volume Down key to highlight wipe cache partition.
  6. Press the Power button to select.
  7. Highlight reboot system now and press the power button again to reboot.

In case the problem remains after wiping the cache partition, reboot in recovery mode and perform factory reset.

Charging Port Problem With Galaxy S2 on Straight Talk

Problem: Hi, I found your site while trying to find a solution to the problems I’m having with my Galaxy S2. I’ve owned this phone for a year. Purchased reconditioned from straight talk. I’ve had no problems with it aside from an occasional glitch here and there. Then recently, all of a sudden…this all has happened:

Charging port apparently no longer works (I tried different cords-nothing. I use an external charger now).

Battery drains fast, but not all the time. Battery drain problem started right when the charge port problem happened. Sometimes it seems normal and other times it can’t last an hour or 2 even with no use.

I am often not getting calls (I get a voicemail notification but phone never rang and no missed call shows up in my logs). Often disconnects during calls. VERY often.

I just purchased my unlimited phone card on 9/6 and roughly a week later (basically when all these other problems began to happen as well) got notified I had used up my high speed data. Something is wrong there. I barely use data. Never once in a year have I used all my high speed and there is just no way I used that amount of data in a week! No downloads, no videos, none of that.

My internet has been slowed down so much by straight talk so searching for solutions online is not really an option and I’m hoping you can help me! This is my only phone and I don’t have a computer. Is there anything I can do? Thanks! — Jeannie

Solution: What happened after you discovered the charge port has a problem? If you didn’t bring the phone to a technician to have the problem fixed, then the problems you are currently experiencing may still be because of that.

About your incoming calls that go straight to voicemail, well, you need to check it with Straight Talk. Its reps can fix it for you.

As to your phone’s unusual data consumption, try to check its data usage and find out which app used most of the data. If it’s a third-party app that used up your data, then clear its cache and data via the Application Manager, uninstall it and install it back. That will make sure it will never use data without your permission again.

Straight Talk’s “unlimited” plan is capped. The reason why you’re getting a very slow connection is because you may have used up data beyond the cap so your connection was throttled down. That will be fixed in the next billing cycle.

Galaxy S2 Messaging Problem

Problem: Hello, I wonder if you can help me with my phone which is 2 1/2 years old and working fine until it got v slightly damp on holiday. I can send texts but they don’t appear as a text bubble after I have sent them.

If I receive texts I can read them at top of screen when they are first sent to me but then they disappear and I can’t retrieve them at all.

Any ideas of how I can rectify this? I have tried turning on and off and taking battery out and putting it back. Many thanks, Caroline.

Solution: As long as the phone works fine, I think liquid hasn’t reached any of the components inside. So, the messaging problem is not caused by liquid damage. If you have a lot of messages already, please delete them so there’s enough room for new messages but if that didn’t fix the problem, then try clearing the cache and data of the messaging app. Please note that you will lose all your text and MMS messages when you hit the Clear Data button.

If the clearing of the cache and data didn’t work, perhaps it’s time to clear the virtual cobwebs in your phone’s memory. Backup all your data and perform full factory reset just to refresh everything in your phone. There is a big chance your problem will be fixed.

Galaxy S2 Won’t Completely Boot Up

Problem: Hi there, before I take my phone to a tech, I thought I would try my luck with you.

My phone has been over heating as of late and sometimes even turning off. I have always just taken the battery out and left it off for a bit and it has always come right. Today after taking some photos, the phone switched off by itself. It had a full battery and was slightly warm. So I left it off for a couple of hours but now since turning it back on, My phone doesn’t get past the Samsung logo and is just continually playing??

I have done the cache wipe and rebooted it, but it just restarts and plays the logo over again. Will I have to reset the phone and lose all my photos? Or can I take it to a tech who can save my photos and fix the phone? I’ve hooked it up to the usb and Kies and my lappy does not register with the phone. It’s 2 years old and any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Selina.

Solution: Hi Selina. So, the phone can boot in recovery mode. I think it can also boot in safe mode, so please try that one first. If you can successfully boot in safe mode, then you can backup all your photos and files. Here’s how you boot it is safe mode…

  1. Power off the device.
  2. Press and hold the Power/Lock key for one or two seconds to turn on the device.
  3. When the Samsung logo displays, press and hold the Volume down key until the lock screen displays.
  4. When the Lock screen is displayed, Safe mode is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  5. To exit Safe mode, restart your device

Safe Mode is your last option. If the phone refused to do so, then there’s no other way to fix it but bring it to a technician who may be able to extract your data, but that’s not a guarantee.

Galaxy S2 Battery Issue

Problem: It takes forever to charge, tells me that it is 100%, then 5 minutes later tells me it is at 25, 35, or even less percentage of full charge. It drains (on a good day) within a couple hours. I must constantly plug it in, even though I painstakingly ‘seasoned’ it when battery was new. It’s only 3 months old. Help.

Solution: Last time I encountered this problem, it was a glitch. Such can be fixed by taking the battery out while the phone is on. When the battery is out, press and hold the power key for 30 seconds to make sure all stored electricity in capacitors are drained. Then, place the battery back in and turn the phone. Now check if the problem still happens and if it does, try the following to calibrate the battery.

  1. Charge the phone while it’s on and wait until it reaches 100%, then disconnect the charging cable.
  2. Turn the phone off and connect the charging cable again. Wait until it reaches 100%.
  3. Turn the phone on and set it to highest brightness level and disable screen time out.
  4. Plug the charger again and wait until it reaches 100% again.
  5. Now, leave the phone with its screen on until it reaches 0% and turns off.
  6. This procedure will take several hours but once completed, charge the battery again and it should work fine after that.

Galaxy S2 Reboots, Beeps, Media Scans

Problems: Hello, I have been reading your forums looking for answers but with no luck. I own a net 10 tracphone Samsung Galaxy S2 model SGH-5959G running android version 2.3.6. In the past month the phone would beep and state SD card suddenly removed. Then it would state SD card not formatted or file unknown. Lately after this appears the phone starts running media scan. then media scan complete, it continues to repeat this for about half an hour. I have tried to shut the phone off but after I swipe the shut phone down the phone powers off except for the graphics at the bottom (menu, home, back, search) they stay lit and in 30 seconds the phone turns itself back on. I have removed the battery for 24 hrs but that didn’t help. Except for the beeping and media scan constantly running the phone works fine when it has stopped. Any help would be appreciated. Ps I am an older guy with limited tech savvy. Thank you, Bill.

Solution: Hey Bill, I’m afraid all the issues in your phone were caused by a corrupted microSD card. When the phone pops up an error that the SD card was unmounted and that it was not formatted, that’s the sign that the phone cannot read from it. To fix that, you need to manually unmount the SD card; you have to open the back portion of the phone, remove the battery and pull the SD card out. Once the card is out, insert it to a reader and let the computer or laptop read from it. This is necessary if you want to retrieve your data that were stored in it. However, if you don’t care about the data, you can immediately reformat the SD card using the FAT32 format through your computer.

After the SD card was reformatted, mount it back to your phone, place the battery back in and turn it on. Now, try to find out if the phone can read from it by moving some files from the internal storage. If the same error message pops up, it means the SD card is totaled–you need to buy a new.

As to the Media Scan, it only occurs when there is a storage device that the phone cannot read from. So, fix the SD card problem first and you can fix this issue as well.

Revive A Locked Out Galaxy S2

Question: Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) phone which has been locked out. Each time I turn on the phone, I am prompted to key-in my email and password. However, no matter what email I enter, the phone gives me an error message saying the username is invalid.

Basically, the entire phone is stuck in this condition. Can’t do anything else. Except probably make emergency phone calls.

I tried the soft reboot method of simply removing the battery pack and SIM card for a while before turning the device back on.

After many tries with suggestions from the internet, I attempted the hard reboot method; pressing the volume + home + power button all at the same time. Managed to enter the “restore factory settings” page. However, the “okay” selection button decides to stall on me and cannot work, to “enter” my selection!

Know of any other methods I can try to get this phone fixed? Thanks! — Cheryl

Answer: Yes there is another method and that would be to flash the firmware using the tool known to many as Odin. All you need to do is download the software to your computer and then download the firmware you want to flash. Once you have these files, you’re good to go.

You can download the latest version of Odin here, and find the firmware your phone here.

Successfully Replaced Galaxy S2 LCD Screen

Question: Hi, just replaced the LCD /glass on the phone, and experience followings problem and I hope you can help! The problem:

  1. The boot up of the phone sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
  2. When it work, the normal Samsung logo came up!
  3. When it doesn’t, the screen either is black or a bright screen with horizontal lines!
  4. When it successfully boot up, try to wake the phone up with the home button or power button, sometimes I get the home screen, sometimes I get screen either is black or a bright screen with horizontal lines.

I have also replaced the battery (genuine) and reset the phone to factory condition by pressing the volume up/home button and the power button. Is there something wrong with the LCD screen or something wrong with other components in the phone? Regards! — Gary

Answer: I think it’s not the other components that have issues, it’s the new screen. Based on your description, the problem is intermittent and it could only happen when the displays flex cable is not properly connected to the motherboard. I suggest you open the phone again and make sure the connection is fixed and not loose.

Galaxy S2 Web Surfing While In A Call

Question: Hey I saw your website and you was talking about the Samsung Galaxy S 2, I wanted to know I am currently using AT&T Atrix HD and it just went out, so my cousin is giving me their Samsung Galaxy S 2 and I wanted to know can I still surf the web while being on the phone with the Galaxy S2?

Answer: If you are in an area with mobile network coverage or if your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi, then you can surf the web while in a phone call. Just press the Home button to start navigating your phone while in a conversation.

Galaxy S2 Play Store App Gone

Question: Hi there, I recently performed a factory reset on my Galaxy S2. After the reset my Google Play was deleted as well, so I tried to download it again but saw that it was already installed on my phone but cant find it anywhere. Please help. Thanks.

Answer: I’m not sure what version of Android your phone runs but if you can’t find Google Play Store, then try to find Market. Once you’ve found and opened it, you will be prompted to update the app. After the update, it will be renamed to Play Store.

Mobile Data Lost After Galaxy S2 Reset

Question: I recently done a factory reset on my Samsung galaxy s2 because I didn’t have enough space and I couldn’t move my stuff over to my usb storage, since I reset it my mobile data stopped working i had the same problem when o just got the phone but I don’t remember how I solved it, I need my mobile data and gps when I travel to college, I’d appreciate the help. Thank you. — Klaudia

Answer: Based on your description, I can say that the APN was messed up. I don’t know what your service provider is but you need to call it and ask for the APN. Or, you can actually google it. Once you have the correct APN and you properly set it on your phone, mobile data will be retained.

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