Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 21]

Hello guys! Welcome to yet another part of our Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems series. This is the 21st part and based on the number of emails we received from S2 owners, this series is far from being finished.

Galaxy S2

If you’ve read our previous post, you may have noticed some problems are the same but worded differently. The reason why we don’t mind if the problems we address in our later posts have already been answered in the previous parts is because we are now in the process of answering emails. If our readers spent time to explain their problems, we too will spend time answering them.

So, if you have issues with your phone, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you find solutions. You can also post your concerns on our Facebook and Google+ pages. For those who want to catch me online, feel free to join the community [click here to join] I created for the same purpose.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems

Galaxy S2 Changes Settings To Zero

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S2 often drops its settings for screen brightness, wifi, all sound volumes (all set back to zero), screen rotation. All very annoying. Any thoughts on this please. — Gerald

Solution: I personally encountered this problem before, although it wasn’t an S2 I was using. The thing is phone seems to remember previous settings and once something triggers the glitch, it will revert back to those settings. Apparently, there would a lot of services that would be affected so it wouldn’t be an easy task to address the problem based on the number of services that have issues. Instead, you can perform a general troubleshooting and what I did was wipe the cache partition.

Factory reset can also fix this issue but only because the cache partition will also be emptied during the process. My point is you don’t need to delete your apps data, only the cache.

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold both Volume Up and Volume Down keys at the same time.
  3. Press the Power key only until the phone vibrates once, then release only the Power key.
  4. Continue to hold the Volume up and Volume Down keys until the Android System Recovery screen appears.
  5. Press the Volume Down key to highlight wipe cache partition.
  6. Press the Power button to select.
  7. Highlight reboot system now and press the power button again to reboot.

Galaxy S2 Won’t Come Back On

Problem: Hi my hubby’s S2 decided to turn itself off and now won’t come back on. It has a full battery we have tried a factory reset however it gets part way through the initialising process and freezes and then turns itself off again.   It has twice come on but only for a min or so and was not able to find a signal.

It has not been dropped and was working fine right up until this happened. Insurance guys are being no help and we really need this phone working ASAP

We would be totally indebted to you if you have any idea what on earth is happening and more to the point can it be fixed ? Thanks for your time in advance. — Jess

Suggestion: Jess, based on your description, I think the problem is with the battery, or at least, that is the primary suspect. I understand you may have made sure it’s full but the phone’s battery indicator isn’t always accurate. It may be able to detect the battery has reached its full capacity (1650mAh) but the actual current that it’s giving off may not be enough to power the phone even for a minute or two.

There is, of course, a possibility that it is just a hardware glitch. So, to rule that possibility out, remove the battery from the phone and press and hold the power key for a minute. After that, place the battery back in and attempt to turn it on. If the problem persists, it’s time you tried a different battery.

Galaxy S2 Won’t Stay On Unless Plugged In

Problem: I’m having problems with my phone I’m hoping you can help. My phone won’t stay on unless it’s plugged in. It can be fully charged and the minute I unplug it and try to do something on it the screen flickers and it shuts off and wont stay on unless i plug it back in. Please help. — Sheila

Solution: Sheila, the battery of your phone needs to be replaced. The power it’s giving off isn’t enough to power the phone up. Batteries deteriorate over time and this is one of the symptoms. There’s nothing you can do to fix the problem except buying a new battery, of course.

Galaxy S2 Touchscreen Problem

Problem: Ok my problem is one I can not find any where! It has two parts first. Sometimes when my keyboard pops up to type a text or send an email or Google, any time you would need to type, it vibrates like a button has been touched but won’t show up in the text box. I have to just hit buttons until it finally starts typing. Second is in the dialing feature. Sometimes when I dial a number and hit talk nothing happens. I try again and again. Then I give up, hours later I will try to call a different number and boom it dials the previously dialed number. I have to hit end for each time I tried dialing earlier. Have you ever heard of this happening? Do you know of fix. I downloaded a different keyboard but still randomly happens!

Solution: It’s a complicated issue considering the problem could be just because of a glitch in the system or an issue with the hardware. But either way, it is wise to perform factory reset to bring the phone back to its optimum settings. That way, you would know if the problem is fixable by a simple reset or not because if it persists after doing so, you would need to have the phone checked by a technician.

To answer your question, yes I saw this kind of problem twice before and fortunately both were caused by an update. So, factory reset was the obvious fix.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Questions

Alarm Clock Won’t Go Off Sometimes

Question: Hi. I have a Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 running 4.1.2. I’ve never upgraded because it does everything I need rather well, and nothing newer has wowed me enough. But over the years I’ve become more reliant upon certain features, that I expect simply to work.

I use the stock clock app as my alarm. It works well, but lately I’ve noticed that, rarely, it fails to go off. It is rare enough that I haven’t noticed a pattern, but when I check it is all correctly set up, and nothing has been changed, and it goes off the next day as though nothing has happened. Once every 3-4 months I guess. Not often enough to abandon it, and I haven’t found an app that I like or trust better, but worrying enough that I’ve had to set up a second alarm clock as backup, which seems stupid. What am I, or is it, doing wrong? Thanks. — Wyeth

Answer: Wyeth, it’s actually difficult to troubleshoot an issue with the phone that rarely happens. Besides, there’s a whole lot of factors that could have prevented the alarm clock from going off. One of the most common scenarios is when a message comes in while the alarm is about to or has already gone off. For us to know what the problem really is, we should be able to observe the phone closely. Sorry, I cannot offer a solution for this issue.

KitKat On Galaxy S2, Possible?

Question: I have Android. 4.1.2 on my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket that I installed using Kies. Is it possible to put kitkat on my phone? Thank you.

Answer: Well, the possibility is always there. In fact, CyanogeMod Team already released CM11 based on Android 4.4 KK for Galaxy S2.

Auto Connect Galaxy S2 Bluetooth To Car

Question: I appreciate your information. I have an S2 model SGH I777 running v4.0.4. I recently bought a new KIA car with Bluetooth. Is there some way that it can automatically connect when i get in the car? I normally connect to my Bluetooth hearing aid but to take advantage of the car system i have to disconnect and then reconnect to the car system.

Answer: It’s possible to automatically connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth but you need to use an app for that. The phone’s Bluetooth service alone will not let you auto connect. Try to install Bluetooth Auto Connect from the Play Store [link here] and see if that fits your needs.

How To Update Galaxy S2

Question: Hi, do you know of any method to update the OS system? No matter what app i dl or any instructions i find the option does not appear in my phones settings menu. It’s currently 4.0.4 for the S2.

Answer: Isn’t ICS the last update for Galaxy S2? Well, since you asked of any method to update the Android system, there are two; via the Settings menu in your phone or Samsung KIES and by manually flashing the firmware to your phone. I know a lot of S2 owners running Jelly Bean on their phone so you might want to read more on how to manually update or flash firmware to your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Errors

Charging Paused Due To High Volts

Problem: Hi, I have the Samsung Galaxy S2, it’s having problems charging and when off charge, it keeps flashing up saying it’s paused the charging due to high volts. Battery is not lasting at all. Some has told me it could be a software problem. Hopefully you can help. Thank you. — Mike

Solution: Hey Mike, the problem is with the USB charge port. It is the component that directly receives current from the battery and power adapter when charging. The error you’re getting is actually related to the error messages that says something like your battery is too cold or too hot that’s why it can’t charge.

You can have the USB charge port replaced but if I were you, I would upgrade rather than have the phone fixed wherein you will buy the component and you will have to pay for the service. There is also no guarantee that the new component will last longer.

Error 403 When Download Apps

Problem: Hi team, just today I started getting the error number 43 when trying to download apps from the Play Store. The same thing happens when I tried updating a couple of my apps. What kind of error is this and how can be fix it?

Solution: The solution to your problem is to wait it out. The problem is on Google’s side and there’s nothing we can do about it. Back in February I received a lot of emails about it but there was to resolution to the problem. But according to many, the issue can be resolved in a day or two and users don’t need to do anything.

Gallery Has Stopped Working

Problem: I have hundreds of photos saved in my phone and even more are saved online. All my accounts are synced to my phone but I now keep on getting the error “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped working” and I can’t view my pictures. This error message usually pops up when I’m at work and when I view any of the pictures. Why is this happening? How can I fix this? Also, I keep in seeing an icon with a both running from the top to the bottom.

Solution: You said the problem usually happens when you’re at work, so that means it happens when you’re not connected to the internet, right? The reason why the Gallery app crashes is because Android system stops it on purpose. You said you synced all your accounts with hundreds of pictures. When you lose internet connectivity, the Gallery app will attempt to sync with your accounts but since it can’t connect, it keeps on going and going. Once the Android system detects an app is taking so long to perform an action, it will stop it. That is why your gallery app crashes. To fix this, turn off sync of your photos when there’s no internet.

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