Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 19]

Samsung Galaxy S2

Hello guys! Welcome once again to our Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems series. This is the 19th part, apparently, and I have addressed more than ten problems in this post. So enjoy browsing it and see if your questions were answered. If not, try to go through our previous publications as we’ve already addressed hundreds of issues for this phone alone.

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Galaxy S2 Microphone Problem

Problem: Hi I’m having a problem that when I answer or make calls I can only be heard if the phone is set to speaker. Thank you. — Mick

Solution: Hey Mick! The microphone has apparently been damaged. Galaxy S2 has two microphones and the one that got busted is located in the mouthpiece of the phone. You can have it replaced.

Galaxy S2 Issue Viewing Picture

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung S2. I recently had a pic of a business card sent to my email. The business card was viewable when viewing the business card on my phone email, but not the text with my info, name etc. I was using Gmail, and do not believe it was Gmail since it was viewable on my desktop.

The info was viewable on another Samsung phone that is a newer version. Was the problem due to a setting on my phone? Is it time to upgrade my phone? Thanks, Rhona.

Solution: Galaxy S2s can view images right from Gmail’s inbox with no problem and yours must be an isolated issue. I will have to look into this problem a little deeper. But for now, download the picture to your phone so Gallery can detect it, then you can view it from there.

Galaxy S2 Turns Off If Not Plugged In

Problem: Hi. I have Galaxy S2 since 2012 and I downloaded a cyanogemod on it and everything was good for months until 6/9 (this week). The phone won’t turn on unless I plugged it to charger but when I unplugged it. It turned off even if the battery was 100%. — Khaled

Solution: I hate to break it to, Khaled, but it’s time to buy a new battery. The one your phone is using right now doesn’t supply the power needed to even turn on the device.

Galaxy S2 Storage Problem

Problem: Hey there. Please help me! I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. I can’t download new apps and it’s also impossible to delete the ones I don’t want anymore. The phone also says it doesn’t have any free memory, but I know there is some space on the memory card. What can I do?

Thank you very much and sorry for bad English! — Romy

Solution: The error you’re receiving is actually referring to the phone’s internal memory and not your memory card. I don’t understand why it’s “impossible to delete the ones I don’t want anymore” because the error message doesn’t prevent you from uninstalling third-party apps you downloaded and installed. But if you can’t uninstall them, I’m sure you can move them to your SD card. Storage management is the key to solving this problem. Other things you need to do is transfer your photos, music, videos, etc. to your computer.

Galaxy S2 Music Issue

Problem: Hi, my name is Gabriella and for a week or so my phone has been not letting me play my music. For example i press play on a song and it starts but it never ends it just goes back to the beginning. I have tried going further in the songs but only stays there for a couple of seconds then always goes back to the start of the song. I would really appreciate the help.

Solution: Please check if that specific track was set to loop. Or, just proceed with clearing the cache and data of the music app you’re using. Your music tracks will not be deleted, only your playlists if you have any. That should do it.

Galaxy S2 Goes Blank and Vibrates

Problem: Hello! I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. It started doing this weird thing where it doesn’t shut off or turn on, but rather goes blank and vibrates continuously. I changed the battery, and it still did the same thing. I then did a factory reset on it, and it worked fine for about a month. However, it started again, and this time it won’t even get me far enough to try a factory reset again. I really don’t want to buy a new phone, but do you think I have to? Thanks. — Alexia

Solution: There are problems that seem like hardware issues but were only caused by some settings in the phone. But yours doesn’t belong to that category. I believe it’s really a hardware problem. So, if you don’t want to buy a new phone right now, have the phone checked by a technician.

But if I were you, I would buy a new one. Galaxy S2 nowadays will not be priced above $75, I think. If you were to spend more than $50 for repair, it’s better you got a new unit. If you’re short in budget, there’s a lot of mid-range phones out there.

Galaxy S2 Can’t Boot Up Completely

Problem 1: Hi! I have a Galaxy S2 phone which has sudden become problematic today. It is fully charged but won’t turn on completely – it seems stuck on the initial page that tells you the type of phone it is (Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-19100). I have tried taking the battery out a few times and switching it back on but it stays stuck in the same place. Any thoughts? Kind regards, Roger.

Problem 2: Hi, my wife has got a Samsung galaxy s2 she has had this phone for about 2 years and now the phone switches on until the Samsung galaxy logo appears then it freezes there and you cannot do anything with the phone. I thought there was something wrong with the battery as she used to over-charge the battery sometimes however even after purchasing a brand new battery the situation is still the same. Can you please suggest any solutions? I look forward for your reply. Thank you, Rupesh.

Solution: Roger, try booting the phone to safe mode. If it could boot up completely then one of the third-party apps is causing the issue, of course, I don’t have any idea which one so you have to find it. I suggest you start with your most recent downloads and installations.

However, if the phone failed to boot up in safe mode, the problem is more than just an app glitch. Try booting the phone in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition, then reboot the phone. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then proceed with full factory reset.

Galaxy S2 Battery Draining Problem

Problem: Hello, I am facing a battery drain issue with my two year old Galaxy S2. I am pretty sure my battery is fine as the problem comes up only when i turn on my Wifi/Data.

When I switch off my wifi at night, the phone’s battery reduces by a mere 5 to 7% in 10 hours. But as soon as i turn my wifi on in the morning, the battery dies within 4 to 5 hours of inactivity.

The stock battery usage shows Screen(30%), Android OS(17%), Android system(13%) & Cell Standby(7%) as the top 4 battery hogging apps.

I downloaded Wakelock detector & found that the Clock( was showing a huge wakelock time(54m31s, x442 times). The next culprit was Calendar Storage ( showing a wakelock 16m5s, x378 times.

Now i am aware that some app might be causing this, but i dont know how to pin point the specific app which is causing this. So i deleted some apps like BBC, Flipboard, Facebook etc., but still had the same issues.

Then I used the ‘Greenify’ app & used it for all the remaining apps, but still no effect. Finally i switched off all the auto syncs & location services, but it was also of no use. I don’t know what else to do. Please help. Regards, Vicky.

Suggestion: Vicky, based on your description I know you’re a techie person and you might have done a lot of things already just to find what the culprit is. I don’t know how many apps you’ve already uninstalled but it seems like there’s something else that’s causing the issue.

My suggestion is that you reset the phone to its default settings, which will delete all third-parties. Doing so may fix the problem already but if you want to know what was causing the issue, install apps you had one by one until you discover the culprit.

Galaxy S2 Screen Went Blank

Problem: Hey guys, I have a Galaxy S2 and just last night the screen went black. It is charging it is on but I cannot see anything on the screen. When you call it, it rings but nothing shows on the screen. What could this be and can it be fixed?

Suggestion: If the screen went black because the phone was dropped or suffered from any sort of physical and water damage, there’s no point in troubleshooting it; you need to bring it to a professional repair shop.

However, if the screen just went blank for no apparent reason, then the first thing you have to do to fix it is remove the battery while the phone is on, press and hold the power button for 1 minute, place everything back in and attempt to turn it on.

If the phone still refuses to turn its screen, boot it in safe mode. If still nothing, try the recovery mode. The purpose of these procedures is to know whether the phone is still capable of displaying something on its screen because if it can’t display even a single letter, the screen’s connection to the motherboard may have been cut off for some reason. If all these procedures failed, it’s time you brought the phone to a technician.

Galaxy S2 Won’t Turn On

Problem: Hey, my fiancé has a Galaxy S2 and is having an issue with it. It won’t turn on. The battery keeps popping up on the screen empty then sometimes it comes on and it’s full but still won’t turn on.. Is there a reason for this? Thanks. Any help would be appreciated. — Brett

Suggestion: Yes, there are two reasons why the phone is acting this way; either it has a bad battery already or the USB charging port is damaged.

When it showed it had an empty battery, I’m sure you tried to charge it but the problem still persists, right? So, try a different battery just to find out if the problem can be fixed with a new battery pack because if not, then it’s more practical to upgrade to a new phone than have it fixed and buy the components that have been damaged.

Galaxy S2 Wi-Fi Not Working

Problem: Hi my name is Madelyn, I have a Galaxy S2 and I have been having problems with my phone lately. First it started saying the process acore was not working, and then my WiFi would no longer fully connect. I think I fixed the acore problem, but whenever i turn on the WiFi it lights up green and says it’s finding WiFi but never really finds the WiFi and connects, sometimes I’ll even turn it on and the WiFi button doesn’t turn green, and i’ve tried restarting my phone many of times and putting it on safe mode but it never really worked.

Solution: For the benefit of our readers who may not understand what the “process acore” problem is, it’s actually an error message saying “Unfortunately, the android.process.acore has stopped working.” This error message can often be traced to corrupt caches and data and it may happen anytime if triggered. What’s the trigger? Apps.

Madelyn, I understand you already fixed the ‘acore problem’ so let’s not dwell on that. If I asked you, do you think the Wi-Fi issue was caused by the previous problem? If your answer is yes, then reboot the phone in recovery mode and wipe cache partition. If no, backup your data and factory reset your phone.

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