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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could be a scarcely available concept device

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge with a state-of-the-art curved display, we were quite interested in knowing whether the device will be launched globally. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Samsung is believed to be marketing this as a concept device, meaning that it will only be available in select regions and not see a wider release like the Galaxy Note 4.

This makes sense considering that the company wouldn’t want the world to focus on the Galaxy Note Edge when the Galaxy Note 4 is the primary flagship for the second half of the year. This is reminiscent of the Galaxy Round from last year which also saw a limited release, so this is barely surprising.

However, some carriers in the U.S. have already shown interest or have at least hinted at the possibility of launching the smartphone stateside, so it seems like Samsung will launch the device in the American markets in addition to key global markets. It is believed that Samsung will gauge the interest and popularity of the smartphone and launch it accordingly in those regions.

Source: ZDNet Korea – Translated

Via: Talk Android

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