Samsung Galaxy Note 4 supposedly has the best mobile display in the market

Galaxy Note 4 - White

Samsung is known for its vivid and colorful AMOLED displays which are used on its smartphones. And it seems like the company’s latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, has struck gold in the display segment yet again. According to tests conducted by DisplayMate, the Galaxy Note 4 features the best mobile display in the market today.

Surprisingly, even though the smartphone is more pixel dense and brighter than the Galaxy Note 3, it is believed to be 14% more energy efficient. The stand out improvements on the Galaxy Note 4 according to DisplayMate are the pixels per inch and the overall screen resolution, which is substantially higher than the predecessor.

The team also praised the smartphone’s brightness levels which can reach 750 nits at max (in auto brightness mode) while the minimum brightness can be as low as 2 nits, which speaks volumes about the versatility of this new AMOLED panel. With a Screen Reflectance of 4.8%, the smartphone is clearly the best as far as sunlight visibility is concerned.

These features coupled by the fact that it’s running a powerful CPU inside and a tweaked user interface makes the Galaxy Note 4 the device to beat this Fall. What do you think of these results?

Source: DisplayMate

Via: Phone Arena