Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors, Questions and Solutions [Part 31]

Hi guys! Welcome to the 31st part of our Galaxy Note 3 Problems series. In this post, I addressed 5 problems, 3 errors and answered 5 questions. So, feel free to browse through this page to see if I’ve addressed your concerns. For those who emailed us, don’t worry as we will continue publishing posts like this until all emails are answered.

Among the problems I addressed here are issues with the notification panel, app installation, battery, antenna and app data restoration. I’ve also addressed error messages due to app crashes as well as the issue with the dual shot feature of the phone. Questions are located in the later part of the post, which include inquiries on T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature, the Device Idle process, backing up with KIES and more.

We are serious in helping you fix problems with your phone and while I encourage you to browse through existing posts, you are free to email us at I am one of the people who’ll read them and conduct research for potential solutions. We also have Facebook and Google+ pages that we use to answer questions. And if you really want to catch me, I created a small online community [click here to join] where I also answer questions about smartphone problems. I leave that page open on my computer 24/7 so there’s a big chance of catching me online.


Galaxy Note 3 Notification Panel Issues

Problem: Dear sir, I’m having a problem after doing the Samsung Kit Update recently. I can’t pull down the notification panel anymore. I have done all reset activity (restart and power off so many times) but the problem still exist. Please help and thank you in advance. Thanks and regards, Jaafar.

Solution: Hey Jaafar, your problem is caused by a minor glitch, which can be solved by wiping the cache partition. But before you actually do that, try booting the phone in Safe Mode and pull the notification panel down to see if it works there. If it did, then reboot the phone normally. However, if the problem persisted even in Safe Mode, boot the phone in recovery mode and proceed with wiping the cache partition.

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, and Power key.
  3. When ‘GALAXY Note 3’ appears on the screen, let go of the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  4. When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  5. Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  6. Press the Power key to select and wipe the cache.
  7. With ‘reboot system now’ highlighted, press the Power key to restart the device.

Galaxy Note 3 App Installation / Update Issue

Problem: Thank you for your work and great value for your help. My problem with Note 3 began more than a month ago where I no longer able to download new applications or update applications that you previously downloaded.

For example, when I find a new application or find an update for one of the applications I have in “Mobogenie or 1Mobile market ” I fully downloaded, and it remains to be touch the Install button, but the problem is that the Install button does not respond when clicking on it despite the fact that the color dark.

I have more than 500 mobile application in the memory of both internal and external, is the reason for the large number of applications, with the knowledge that I have more than 50% of the memory is empty?

Note: once or twice returned button installation of new works for the promised hours, so I did update the large number of applications, but then the problem back button does not work installation.

Another note: I still download new applications and renovation work of its “Galaxy Apps”, because I think interface different installation.

I apologize for the mistakes of language that I used Google for translation to the English language … and thank you. — Samir

Solution: I encountered this issue once before and I can tell it’s just a minor glitch with the Google Play Store. What I did was to bring the app back to its default settings by clearing the cache and data. If that, however, wouldn’t fix the problem, uninstalling updates would do. Thanks for providing necessary details, Samir.

Galaxy Note 3 Battery Gone Bad

Problem: The other day my phone powered down due to low battery strength, I was needing to take a picture for work. When I tried to power up during the boot up sequence the phone powered off . After charging the phone I tried to power up but the phone locked up. I eventually had to do a factory reset to get the phone to boot up. Prior to this incident my battery life was about a day and a half. Now I am lucky to get eight hours out of my battery. Is there some kind of battery calibration, is it possible I did something to the battery to prevent it to charge fully? Thanks, Bill.

Solution: Bill, battery deteriorates quicker than other components and when it does, the most common symptom is the frequent shut downs or restarts. To answer questions, well, there are battery calibration apps in the Play Store, find the one with most downloads and good rating and use it to calibrate your battery.

But as far as battery calibration is concerned, I have a method that I use as maintenance procedure. This might be able to help you:

  1. Charge the phone while it’s on and wait until it reaches 100%, then disconnect the charging cable.
  2. Turn the phone off and connect the charging cable again. Wait until it reaches 100%.
  3. Turn the phone on and set it to highest brightness level and disable screen time out.
  4. Plug the charger again and wait until it reaches 100% again.
  5. Now, leave the phone with its screen on until it reaches 0% and turns off.
  6. This procedure will take several hours but once completed, charge the battery again and it should work fine after that.

Galaxy Note 3 Has Bad Antenna

Problem: Hi, I’ve been using Note 3 for 7 months and from the very beginning recognized that it has really bad antenna. I thought its problem of my local mobile operator, though its not, as I’ve changed few of them and the antenna is still purely catching signals. How can I fix or improve antenna without changing the phone?

P.S. I have metal bumper around my phone from recently, though still I’m sure the case is not in it. Regards, Marina

Solution: I’ll take your word that the unit you have now has a bad antenna “from the very beginning.” Now you’re asking us how to “fix or improve antenna without changing the phone.” Well, replace the antenna. The point is, it’s a hardware issue and reading between the lines I understand you were looking for a solution that requires you to tap the screen here and there to fix the problem. That will never happen. For hardware issues, you need to either have the component replaced or fixed by a technician.

Restore App Data on Galaxy Note 3

Problem: Dear Droidguy, I have been following your tips and review of applications for a while with great enjoyment. You are doing a terrific job!

I own a galaxy note 3 and until today I thought I backed up my contents, apps, and data onto various cloud services as Dropbox, gcloud, Verizon cloud, google+, an external card, one drive (as you can see I am pretty paranoid of losing data!). This morning in an effort to boost my device performance I inadvertently erase some applications. How can I restore them? Thank you very much for your help. — Paolo

Solution: It depends on the app. There are many apps that you only have to login using your Google account and data you backed up in the cloud will automatically be restored. There are also some that you have to tap a button to initiate data download. I could have provided a better solution if you included the names of the apps.


“Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped” Error

Problem: Hello, I am from India using Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I have a unique problem. Every time I go to Gallery and try to open hidden images, Gallery crashes. It shows the error “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.” I have to see hidden items all the way from my files manager. Kindly send me the solution to this problem. I would be grateful to you. Thank you, Rushabh.

Solution: It has something to do with the app’s settings. Go to its settings page and hit the Clear Defaults; if it’s greyed out, tap on the Clear Cache button instead. If the problem remained after that, proceed with clearing the data as well. That should take care of the problem.

Can’t Use Dual Shot on Galaxy Note 3

Problem: Hi there Droid Guy , I’m Eric . My problem is when i open my camera app I cant use the dual shot anymore the icon is there but i cant click it . I ask the Samsung people they said its because I use the 13mp shooter. Is it true? But when i changed to a lower megapixel the problem still the same . Hope you can help me thanks!

Solution: I encountered a problem like this before, although I wasn’t using a Note 3 then. It’s a glitch in the app. I fixed mine by simply closing the camera app via Recent Apps screen. In your case, try to press and hold the Home button until the Recent Apps screen pops up. Look for the camera and swipe left or right to close it. After that, launch the app again and find out if the problem was fixed.

If the problem remained, go to application manager, find Camera and hit both the clear cache and clear data buttons. That should fix it as it brings the app back to its default settings.

“Unfortunately, Settings Has Stopped” Error

Problem: Hi Droid guy, I have a serious issue with my phone. I don’t know if it was the update that caused it or some apps but I’m now getting the error message “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” It keeps popping all the time that I cannot even finish a text. What should I do to fix this? Thanks. — Ron

Solution: First of all, Ron, boot the phone in safe mode and find out if the error message still pops up. If not, then proceed with the backing up of your important data. You need to do that because this problem is actually stubborn that it won’t go away unless you performed factory reset.

Once you’re finished with the backup, boot the phone in recovery mode and wipe cache partition first, and then proceed with factory reset. That should do it.


Galaxy Note 3 Wi-Fi Calling Issue (T-Mobile)

Question: Dear droid guy, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using T-Mobile service I want to turn on WiFi calling but I cannot find it under settings then more networks. I bought my phone generic and unlocked so was not specifically designed for T Mobile does this make a difference or is there an app that I can download from T-Mobile to allow me to use WiFi calling or is there another place on this phone to change the settings. Thank you very much, Bruce.

Answer: Hi Bruce, I’m not really well-acquainted with T-Mobile’s system but I think the lack of Wi-Fi calling on your Note 3 is due to the fact that the phone isn’t running the carrier’s stock firmware. Please call T-Mobile and inquire how to avail of Wi-Fi Calling for BYOD phones.

Galaxy Note 3 Device Idle Process Drains Battery

Problem: In my Note 3 KitKat 4.4.2 There is serious problem of battery drain, it drains 30 to 40% overnight without doing anything I also try to put it in safe mode but nothing change the problem remain same. In battery stats ‘Device Idle’ is main reason behind drain. So what it device idle? And how can I solve this drain problem?

Answer: Just because you saw the Device Idle process as the one that consumes more battery than other processes doesn’t mean it is the main reason why your phone drains the battery quicker. There is even a possibility that the battery has an issue that’s why I couldn’t hold a charge as well as before.

But to answer your question, the device idle process is actually not a group of core process that run when the phone is idle. For example, the process that controls the timer when the screen turns off after it is being idle for a few minutes is one of those processes.

If I were you, I will install Gsam Battery Monitor as it will give you details of apps and services that use the phone’s battery. Or better yet, perform factory reset to bring the phone back to its default settings and to get rid of services you don’t know running.

Backup Galaxy Note 3 Data With KIES

Question: I downloaded Samsung Kies in order to back up my Note 3 to the computer just in case . Do you know if it’s compatible with the Note 3? It appears that all I can back up are photos and vids. Thanks. — Greg

Answer: Yes, it is compatible with your Note 3. In fact, Samsung updated Samsung KIES to work seamlessly with its high-end devices. If, however, you can only backup videos and photos, please uninstall KIES and download and install a newer version. Among the thing you can backup are contacts, S Memo, S Planner (calendar events), call logs, S Health, Message, videos, music, photos, miscellaneous content files, Story Album, Ringtones, Applications, Alarms, and Email account information.

Apps Crashing On Galaxy Note 3

Question: Hi there! I had a question about the Note 3 on a T-Mobile network. As I know, Samsung phones are quite glitchy, but I still love them. Recently I’ve been having issues with the phone freezing and my apps shutting down on me, along with an error message that it had stopped working. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: The term ‘glitchy’ isn’t just applicable to Samsung phones but to all devices running Android. About your problem, I don’t know if the apps that crash are pre-installed ones or third-parties. If they were pre-installed, all you can do is clearing their caches and data. Otherwise, uninstall the app and just reinstall it; that should fix the problem. As to the freezing the shut downs, well, you haven’t provided much details so I don’t know which component or app or service is causing the problem. But I’m sure factory reset will fix them.

Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Capture Screenshots

Question: I’ve checked everything in settings and still am unable to take a screenshot. Any suggestions what to do next please. I’ve a Note 3 9007.

Answer: There are three ways you can take screenshots on a Note 3; first, using the S Pen; second, using the Home key and Power/Lock key; and third, using Motion Gesture.

S Pen

  1. Press and hold the S Pen button.
  2. Press and hold the S Pen anywhere on the screen.
  3. The screenshot will open automatically, allowing you to crop, share, or add a quick note to the image.


You can capture screenshots by pressing the Home key and the Power/Lock key simultaneously. The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard and saved to the Screenshots folder in Gallery.

Motion Gesture

  1. Go to Settings, tap Controls.
  2. Tap Palm Motion.
  3. Touch the slider from Off to On.
  4. Tap the slider next to Capture screen to turn it on.
  5. You can now capture a screenshot by touching the screen with the side of your hand and swiping across from left to right, or vice versa.

then have the phone checked by a technician as there could be a more serious issue with the hardware.

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