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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors, Questions and Solutions [Part 28]

Hello again Galaxy Note 3 owners! Welcome to the 28th part of one of our longest running support series. I addressed 13 questions/problems in this post so if you have issues with your phone, I suggest you try to browse through this page first before shooting us an email. Don’t worry as I made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Below are links to sections within this post. Just click on any of them and you’ll automatically be brought to that section or problem.

We’ve already addressed hundreds of issues owners reported. So, it is most likely that the problem you have now or the question you’re about to ask can already be found in this site. I suggest you visit our Galaxy Note 3 Troubleshooting page so you can find links to previous parts. If you think your concern hasn’t been addressed yet, feel free to email us at [email protected] and provide as much details as possible. We also have Facebook and Google+ pages that we use to answer questions, so feel free to post your concerns there. Or, you can join the community [click here to join] I created for this purpose also.

  1. Galaxy Note 3 Productivity Tools
  2. Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Make Calls When Roaming
  3. Galaxy Note 3 Earpiece Not Working
  4. Galaxy Note 3 Auto Focus Problem
  5. Galaxy Note 3 4G Connection Drops To 3G
  6. How To Open .SPD Files from Note 3
  7. Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Remember Wi-Fi Password
  8. Galaxy Note 3 Has Problems With Facebook App and Messenger
  9. Galaxy Note 3 Contacts List Being Updated
  10. Galaxy Note 3 microSD Card Removed Unexpectedly Error
  11. Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Send Out Emails
  12. Galaxy Note 3 3×4 Keyboard Problem
  13. Galaxy Note 3 Pictures, Videos Turned Grey
  14. Galaxy Note 3 Battery Issue
  15. Engage with us

Galaxy Note 3 Productivity Tools

Question: Hi Team, I upgraded some time ago to a Galaxy Note 3 from a Note 2. I cannot find a feature that was very important to me now with the upgrade. The S pen used to have a drop down menu called “Productivity Tools”. I cannot find this feature in the Note 3. I used the “Shape Match” a lot. Has it been discontinued? Or is it in a place that I have not looked yet? Love the Drippler series about Note questions. Kind Regards, John.

Answer: Hello John, the productivity tools are already directly integrated into the S Note with the exception of Wolfram, which is integrated into S Finder. You have to draw or write first before you can use those features like convert to text, shape and formula.

Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Make Calls When Roaming

Problem: Whenever my phone is in roaming I cannot make a phone call. It tells me to re-enter the 10 digit number. I can have full bars of 4G but if I’m roaming it still won’t make a phone call. I have data access but no calls. It also goes into roaming quite frequently when it shouldn’t be. A friends phone in the same network standing right next to me won’t be roaming but I will be and won’t be able to make a call and he can. I’ve contacted Verizon and they are no help. My setting for roaming is “allow access for all trips.” Any ideas? Thanks, Chris.

Solution: This problem can be fixed by simply updating your PRL (Preferred Roaming List). You can do that by yourself or you can call Verizon to update it for you. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure you’re within Verizon service area.
  2. Go to Settings on your phone.
  3. Tap Device, then System Update.
  4. Tap Update Profile / PRL.

That should do it. If this fails, call Verizon and let them do it on their end.

Galaxy Note 3 Earpiece Not Working

Problem: Hi, first of all I would love to thank you for making it possible to ask for help! I really appreciate it.

I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. About 3 days ago my earpiece stopped working, now i have to call people using headphones or put the phone on the speaker. I have search everywhere for an answer but a lot of people seem to have a problem with the jack but everything else on my phone works well at the moment besides that I cant the one that i may be calling using the earpiece, i would have to put it on speaker or put my headphones on. Please help me I really dont know what to do! Thank you very much. — Brusley

Solution: Brusley, while the headphone jack and the earpiece of the Galaxy Note 3 are two different components, they are connected by a thin flex cable. If you can hear audio just fine while using a headset or if the phone is set to use the speakerphone, then it could be that the only component damaged is the earpiece speaker.

Have the phone checked by a technician and specify that it’s the earpiece speaker that doesn’t work so he will to focus the troubleshooting in the area where earpiece is located. There is a possibility that the flex cable has a loose contact or may have been disconnected for some reason.

Galaxy Note 3 Auto Focus Problem

Problem: I’m wondering if you can help me. I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in January. In early August the phone was replaced with a brand new one due to charging issues. I’ve had phone for 4 weeks – the first two it worked perfectly. My back camera focus suddenly went. It only focuses on items very close up. The front camera works fine. The strange thing is that if I open the camera, go to settings and hit reset, the camera focus is fine. If I then go off the camera, with or without fully closing the app, the next time I open it it loses focus again. I have the latest software installed on my phone. Any ideas? Many thanks, Becky.

Solution: For a phone that new, this problem may be caused by a glitch. Try clearing the cache and data of the Camera app first to see if that fixes the problem. If that won’t work, a factory reset may be worth it, at least, to isolate the problem. I understand the frustration of a having a brand new phone that won’t work the way it should. Of course, the last option if things still go south after doing those procedures is to have it replaced…again.

Galaxy Note 3 4G Connection Drops To 3G

Description: The following email was sent to us by Tom who also emailed us last week about his 4G connection that would drop to 3G after a period of time…every month. We thought his problem was due to data cap, which majority of carriers implement, but that wasn’t the case. Thankfully, Tom was so kind as to tell us the solution to his problem. If you want to read more about his issue, visit this link: Galaxy Note 3 4G Connection Drops To 3G.

Solution: After many months, and 2 phones later…. the problem seemed to be solved.   For many years, I had a 3G phone and each month I would go into the Verizon “ Roaming Update” and do a Roaming Update each month. After I returned home the other day after JUST replacing the Sim Card in the phone, I decided to a Roaming Update. When I did, I noticed the Note 3 phone dropping to 3G and not returning to 4G.   So, I returned to the Verizon store to get another Sim Card and told the Tech guy there what I had JUST done…. He said, the “Roaming Update” is for 3G phones ONLY and not for 4G. Each time, I would program my phone to the Roaming Update, it was telling the 4G phone I had that is was a 3G phone, and the ONLY way to correct this was to replace the Sim Card.

Problem solved as it was baffling to many of us, as to why this was happening. I thought I would let you know, so just in case someone has a 4G phone from Verizon… please tell them NOT to do the Roaming Update which I feel Verizon should let their customers know… It would have saved a LOT of Sim Cards and my original phone would have never been replaced…Thank you for posting my issue on your site. — Tom

How To Open .SPD Files from Note 3

Hi, thank you for Drippler My Drips advice and tips! I have Galaxy Note 3:

  • Model SM-N9005
  • Android 4.4.2
  • Baseband version N9005XXUGNG1

Would you please be so kind and pass on this problem to someone else if this does not concern you?

Backround: I am a heavy user of S Pen and S Note. Produced notes are filed in GalaxyNote3 as SPD files i.e. having the extension .spd.

Problem: I can even transfer the .spd files into my laptop/pc BUT it is impossible to open/read/view the files. Not to speak about editing (which is not needed). Is it really so that these .spd files cannot be utilized outside GalaxyNote3 at all (Galaxy Tab is not an option)? If so, the great idea of S Pen and its phone apps is almost useless. Waiting or your kind response, Kari.

Suggestion: That is actually one of the common issues between devices with different operating systems. But companies are now open to the idea that owners need cross-platform applications so as to be able to open, view and edit files on a different device.

In the case of SPD files, there are actually a lot of applications that would let you open and even edit them on your computer, although you will need to install them first. Try to see if this page offers you the information you need for those files.

Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Remember Wi-Fi Password

Problem 1: Hi! I have a Samsung Note 3 from AT&T and I live in China/Hong Kong. My device suddenly – for the last 2-3 weeks cannot remember any wifi passwords – even those in my house and office – it forgets every wifi password after a day or two – is this a known issue with the kitkat update? Thanks so much! — Brad

Problem 2: Hello, I have been trying to find all of your articles on ” How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Error Messages”. I of course am a note 3 owner and my phone has been losing all my saved wifi connections for some odd reason. I didn’t know if you had addressed this issue in some of your past articles or not, but I still do like reading them anyway. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Solution: It’s not really a common issue with KitKat but it also happens to Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2. More often it’s a minor glitch but there was an issue I encountered wherein I had to talk to a Samsung tech and I was informed that the fault was with the chip that handles that device’s radio reception. In other words, the phone was needed to be replaced. Your case may be minor, so I want you to try the following:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings then touch the Connections tab.
  3. Tap WiFi, then tap the Menu key again.
  4. Touch Advanced.
  5. Tick the option Auto Connect.

If the procedure above won’t fix the problem, try wiping the cache partition and if that failed, too, backup your data and do the factory reset.

Galaxy Note 3 Has Problems With Facebook App and Messenger

Problems: I actually have 2 questions or problems.

  1. When I’m in Facebook… using “Messenger” not instant messenger mind you, why do I constantly have to restart my phone to send pics?
  2. Also in Messenger or IM…if i start a conversation…for example if i say “Hello”…it will not appear unless i click up top on their pic or the messenger circle and click on message to get it started….please help?

Solution: It may seem like it’s a Facebook problem considering both apps are from Facebook. I will answer your questions the way I understand them. As for your first problem, you said you cannot send pictures via Facebook app’s instant messenger unless your reboot your phone. This is how I interpret it (it’s necessary so our readers can have a picture of what’s happening), you try to send a picture but it returns with that red exclamation point saying it didn’t go through and that you need to try again. So, you reboot your phone and this time when you send a picture, it goes through. As to the second problem, I think there’s a delay in sending your message.

It’s not the apps that have issues, it’s your internet connection–it’s slow or unstable. The reason why the picture cannot go through is because it would take time to upload it depending on its size. Due to the instability of the connection, the app terminates the process without completing it, thus, you get the ‘Please try again’ message. As for the text-only FB messages, they can easily be sent even with slow connection but there’s a delay in displaying your messages on the screen as the app needed to be synced with Facebook’s servers to pull down data to display.

But I could be wrong. In that case, I would suggest you clear both the cache and data of both apps. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall them. That should take care of these minor issues.

Galaxy Note 3 Contacts List Being Updated

Problem: Hi there, I have this problem. The contact list of my Samsung note 3 keeps showing “contact list is being updated”. I tried to update one of my contacts yesterday and it becomes like that since then. I can’t access to my contacts to call out and it keeps showing the message. May I know what should I do? Appreciate your help. Thanks! — Ash

Solution: The last time I saw this problem in action was when I updated a Galaxy S3 (not my phone) to Android 4.2.2. At first, I thought the contacts were just being synced with Google servers but after 30 minutes of not being able to access Contacts, I figured it wasn’t the case. It was apparently a glitch and I fixed it by booting to Safe Mode. I suggest you do the same and once in Safe Mode, try to do these things:

  1. Sync your contacts with your Google account to backup your contacts.
  2. To make sure you have a hard backup, export contacts to your microSD card.
  3. Go to the Application Manager and tap Contacts.
  4. Tap both the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.

This procedure should take care of the problem. But just in case it persists, boot to recovery mode and wipe cache partition, or if you’ve backed up your data already, proceed with factory reset.

Galaxy Note 3 microSD Card Removed Unexpectedly Error

Problem: Goodnight, I have a Galaxy Note 3 from AT&T. I inserted a 64gb SD card for extra storage.

Weird thing is that ever so often it gives me this error message. Any reason why? And possibly any permanent fix? — Kyle

Solution: I hate to break it to you, Kyle but your microSD card might be on the verge of being damaged or corrupted. So, while you can still salvage your data, unmount your SD card and let your laptop read it and copy all your files. Once all your files are saved, reformat the SD card using FAT32 format, then mount it back on your phone to see if it could detect it. If it could, closely observe if the problem still happens. Otherwise, it’s time you bought a new one.

Galaxy Note 3 Can’t Send Out Emails

Problem: Hi, if my Samsung Note 3 can receive emails but when i click on reply, it just could not send out. I have checked the email settings, it is in order. Please advise. Thanks.

Solution: I’m sure it’s not a problem with the app because you can receive messages just fine. I’m suspecting two things: either it’s a temporary server issue (outgoing or SMTP server to be specific), or the SMTP settings in your phone is incorrect.

If the problem is server-side, there’s nothing we can do but wait it out. You may call your email provider to inquire or just wait it out. More often, issues like this can be resolved in few hours. However, I urge you to double-check your SMTP settings. Also, if your leave copies of your emails in the server, it’s better to just clear the cache and data of the email app you’re using and setup your account from the scratch again.

Galaxy Note 3 3×4 Keyboard Problem

Problem: Hi Droid Guy, I am absolutely bowled away with my Note 3 but just recently an annoying fault occurs when keying in text on(say) Facebook Messenger occurs, but it doesn’t seem to happen in SMS. The text area freezes.

I was delighted when Samsung reintroduced the 3×4 keyboard which, when used with SWIPE, means ultra fast typing. I have found myself typing so fast the phone can’t keep up. Trouble is the typing area will suddenly becomes totally unresponsive. Some times all letters/areas, sometimes only a couple. Either way it makes typing impossible. It seems to restore itself after a minute but once it happens, it will freeze again and again. A friend [who only ever uses the QWERTY keyboard] has experienced this as well.

It tried turning off “Location” to see if that freed up processor power but it didn’t help. Might it be the way messenger work? As I said it doesn’t happen with SMS. Any ideas? Regards, Chris.

Solution: I think you’ve already isolated the problem, you’re just looking at the wrong direction. The app that should be put in question here is the Facebook Messenger. If the keyboard works fine with the messaging app, then there’s no problem with it. To confirm even more, open other apps that you can use the keyboard like the browser, email, etc. If the keyboard remains stable across all these apps, then it’s the Facebook Messenger you need to troubleshoot. The most common solution to this is to clear the cache and data and since it’s a third-party app, you can uninstall it and reinstall it back in case the problem persists.

Galaxy Note 3 Pictures, Videos Turned Grey

Problem: Dear android guy, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Recently all my pictures and videos in the gallery went blank. All the folders are still there but they all can not be seen (grey). Please help.

Solution: The problem is with your microSD card. Physically unmount it and let your laptop or computer read from it. If the computer can, then copy everything that are in it to back up your data. Once finished, reformat your microSD card using FAT32 format and mount it back to your phone. If the phone refuses to read from it, the microSD card may already be damaged. It’s time you bought a new one.

Galaxy Note 3 Battery Issue

Problem: Hey DROID Guy! Ever since I did the update to Kit kat, my Note 3 had had battery issues! I took it into Sprint and of course, they said their was nothing wrong with my phone. My battery consumption is horrible! I only had the phone about 3 months when the battery began to die (after kit kat upgrade) in 8 hours with almost no use. The battery would drain even if I had it off. Samsung advised me that it was the battery…I of course disagree. I even went as far as purchasing a Zero lemon with 10000 mah and it will last me a good 10 hours with medium use. And is supposed to last 3 days with heavy usage! I know their is something wrong with the phone because my phone has killed 3 memory cards also! This was the same issue I had with my Note 2. I threw off the Knox on my phone by rooting it so I can no longer get a fix from Samsung. Do you know of this issue? Or anything I can try to fix it before taking it to a tech and paying an arm and a leg? — Fernando

Solution: I agree. Apparently, there’s something unusual happening to your phone. If only we would know what causes the battery drain and why it drains the battery that fast then we might have a shot at fixing it. But let’s be realistic, Fernando. You and I don’t know what the problem really is. I understand that many would think that battery draining problems are the same but that’s not the fact. The most logical procedure you should do to attempt to fix this problem is Factory Reset; this will bring back the phone to its optimum settings. Of course, you need to backup your data first. If that fails, however, it’s time you brought it in for checkup.

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