Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems, Errors, Questions and Solutions [Part 28]

This is the 28th part of our popular Galaxy Note 3 problems series and I’ve answer a few questions here sent to us by our readers. Feel free to browse this page as well as previous articles we posted here. I am sure we’ve already addressed your problem or, at least, some issues are the same as yours and you can use their solutions to address yours.

We are serious in helping you fix problems with your phone and while I encourage you to browse through existing posts, you are free to email us at I am one of the people who’ll read them and conduct research for potential solutions. We also have Facebook and Google+ pages that we use to answer questions. And if you really want to catch me, I created a small online community [click here to join] where I also answer questions about smartphone problems. I leave that page open on my computer 24/7 so there’s a big chance of catching me online.

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Galaxy Note 3 freezes, deleted photos come back

Problem: Good day, I bought a Note 3 in March and everything works fine but I got 2 problems : (1) When I delete photos and videos, I realize it comes back into the gallery and I deleted it in the gallery and in my files. What do you suggest? (2) At random times, my phone will stick and restart, what may be the cause of that?

Solution: Disable the sync for photos if it’s on and make sure you deleted files from the phone storage. Once you’ve done that, clear the cache and data of the Gallery app to get rid of the thumbnails. If those photos were saved online, it will come back once you turn the sync back on. So, delete them from your cloud accounts to totally get rid of them.

About your other problem, boot to safe mode to isolate the issue. If the problem persisted while the phone was in that state, the issue is with pre-installed apps or services. There’s on better way to fix it than factory reset. If, however, the problem didn’t occur, then find the third-party app that’s causing it and either you disable or uninstall it.

Galaxy Note 3 notification won’t sound off

Problem: When I receive text messages my phone is silent and the volume is turned completely up for the phone and notifications, I don’t know I have a text unless I look.

Solution: First, play a music track and turn the volume up. If the phone sounds off, then the problem is with the settings of your phone or the notification tone. Try using a different notification and try sending a text message to your number. However, if the phone didn’t sound off when you played music, it could be a speaker problem; have the phone checked by a technician.

Media and camera not working on rooted Galaxy Note 3

Problem: My Samsung galaxy note 3 is rooted with foxhound all of the sudden out of nowhere none of my media is working there is no sound in or out with music ringtones, etc camera won’t work phone will make calls I can’t hear caller nor can they me I’m at my wits end I love the functionality of this phone but now it’s majorly malfunction what do you suggest I do? Please I need my phone back thank you!

Solution: If your phone was working fine before your rooted it and installed Foxhound ROM, then apparently there is an issue with the custom ROM or the file you download was corrupt. There is also a possibility that the rooting process has gone bad or the installation was interrupted. Try the entire process again. If it didn’t work the second time around, flash the original firmware back to your phone.

However, if you rooted your phone and installed a custom firmware in a bid to fix these problems, well, it didn’t work. I don’t know what happened to your phone so I really can’t provide a solution that works.

Galaxy Note 3 apps randomly lag

Problem: Recently all of my apps have been lagging. Not so much lagging as they will work, freeze momentarily, then keep going. I have no idea what the problem could be and would really rather not factory reset. Any ideas?

Solution: I don’t know how random or how frequent the laggings are but the most logical thing to do is to close all apps running in the background and clear the RAM. There’s no problem with the phone but it could that it’s running out of memory. It would also help if you cleared both the cache and data of TouchWiz. Please note, though, that doing this will delete your Home screens but it’s worth it.

Non-SMS Apps Being Set as Default Messaging App

Problem: I have A Samsung Note 3 through Sprint. I have set the Default Messaging App to stock but every so often, the device “resets” the default messaging app to “TruBackup or Titanium Backup. I have to uninstall then install a new SMS app and have that be the default.

The only thing I can narrow down is that I have used two or three different launchers. Is there a fix for this? Thanks, Ed.

Solution: Ed, first of all, uninstall the apps that your phone chooses as default messaging app and then uninstall other launchers you’ve installed just for the sake of troubleshooting this problem. Now, reboot your phone and install Titanium Backup. After that, check if the phone chooses it to be the default app. Do the same with other apps until the problem is replicated and then go to the Application Manager and tap Messaging and hit the Clear Defaults button.

If the problem happened again, then wiping the cache partition can solve this problem. It’s basically the cache that causes this.

Galaxy Note 3 battery draining problem

Problem: I have a battery draining issue. My android system is using more battery than any other. How to fix this issue. My network carrier is ATT.

Solution: Try closing all apps running in the background and enable Airplane Mode to disable all wireless communication. If the phone still drained the battery faster than usual, then there’s no other way to solve this but factory reset. It’s because we don’t really know what causes Android to go on hyperdrive all the time causing faster battery drain.

However, if the problem was solved after closing all apps, then you know what the problem really is. The best thing you should do if this was the case is to manage your apps, uninstall those you don’t use already, and clear RAM from time to time.

Multiple issues after Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update

Problem: Hi. Thanks for helping out people online . My issue is that I and my wife own Galaxy Note 3 . After KitKat upgrade we both faced early drainage of battery, its half battery life as it was before with same usage. I downloaded battery doctor with that its a bit better.

Second issue which I’m facing is that my phone alarm has become totally unreliable since the update . Mostly it never beeps. At alarm time the screen lights up and for a second word alarm flashes and screen goes dark again . My wife is not facing this alarm issue.

Third issue which I sometimes face is that occasionally I’m told that my phone is not responding though its on and in coverage area. When I restart it I receive all the pending messages and also start receiving calls. I will appreciate an early reply. I don’t want to do a factory reset as its very troublesome for me. Regards, Dr. Saifullah.

Solution: Hey doc, we’re just trying to share the little knowledge we have. By the way, about your problem, perhaps it’s time you to reset your phone. Not all updates will go smoothly. There are times when some data get corrupted during the process. You need to clear those data and since we really can’t pinpoint which of them are corrupt, you need to do a general troubleshooting procedure and in this case it’s factory reset.

Galaxy Note 3 internet and camera problems

Problem: Last June I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I love it. AT&T, my carrier, not so much. Anyway, last month about 15 days into my billing cycle, I received a warning from AT&T stating that I was almost at the limit of my data plan and when I reached that limit, they would automatically add another 1GB for $15.00. I began looking to see how this was happening since it has never happened before. I rarely use my phone for telephone calls and use my tablet (Samsung Tab3) for most of my internet searching and playing. It is not the tablet it is the phone. I noticed that even if I am near an available WiFi connection, like at home where it is 2 feet away) my phone keeps switching to 4G. I am now living in airplane mode in order to stop the data use. Any suggestions? One other thing. Since the upgrade to JellyBean my camera sucks. It takes photos too slow, photos are not very good and often blurry. I miss the camera that came with the phone. I liked you on Facebook but did not see the troubleshooting area. Thank you, Julie.

Solution: Hi Julie. The phone has a feature to automatically switch between networks depending on the strength of the signal it can detect. It’s the reason why the phone can’t stay locked in to the Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is disable that feature so that the phone will stay connected to the network you connected it to regardless of the signal strength. Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > tap the Menu key > choose Advanced > make sure Auto network switch is Disabled.

About the camera problem, for now, there’s no better way to troubleshoot it but to clear the cache and data of the Camera app. Just go to Settings > Application Manager > Camera > tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Galaxy Note 3 can’t remember Wi-Fi password

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung Note 3 from AT&T and I live in China/Hong Kong. my device suddenly – for the last 2-3 weeks cannot remember any wifi passwords – even those in my house and office – it forgets every wifi password after a day or two – is this a known issue with the kitkat update? thanks so much! — Brad

Solution: It’s not really a common issue with KitKat but it also happens to Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 2. More often it’s a minor glitch but there was an issue I encountered wherein I had to talk to a Samsung tech and I was informed that the fault was with the chip that handles that device’s radio reception. In other words, the phone was needed to be replaced. Your case may be minor, so I want you to try the following:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings then touch the Connections tab.
  3. Tap WiFi, then tap the Menu key again.
  4. Touch Advanced.
  5. Tick the option Auto Connect.

If the procedure above won’t fix the problem, try wiping the cache partition and if that failed, too, backup your data and do the factory reset.

Galaxy Note 3 lags when some online apps are in use

Problem: How can I get my phone to stop lagging on Wi-Fi mode. Doesn’t do it with all apps just a few online real time one on one games. Don’t know if you can help but thanks for reading.

Solution: Your description didn’t reveal much details of what the problem really is but if it happens to some apps only, then the problem may not be the phone but the apps. Perhaps they couldn’t pull data from their respective servers as fast as they usually do due to network problems. That’s one possibility.

Try to check the strength of your Wi-Fi network first and then boot to safe mode to temporarily disable all third-party apps. This is very useful in determining whether your problem has something to do with the performance of your phone. While in safe mode, open the apps you’re having problems with to check if they still have issues. If so, try uninstalling one app and reinstall it back to check if that solves the issue. If problems were still present after doing those things, there’s no other option but to perform factory reset.

Galaxy Note S Voice says it can’t find network

Problem: Hi there. So I’ve been using S Voice since I got the Note 3 back in February, and it’s been working fine for the most part. Two weeks ago, I kept getting “I can’t find a network connection. Please connect and try again.” Normally when I get that, I just wait a minute and try it and it works fine. But this time it persisted the rest of the day. It was raining that day so I thought maybe interference and I tried again the next day. Same thing. I haven’t been able to use S Voice except at my house for the past two weeks. I use it primarily in my car, so it’s really inconvenient that it isn’t working. Tried clearing data, clearing cache, clearing partition – nothing. I checked for updates, downloaded those. When it still didn’t work, I tried resetting that app to factory standard. Still nothing. I’ve gone through all my APNs and tried the other ones in my list, nothing. I checked and then unchecked the “auto – switch between WiFi and LTE”. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Help! Thanks, Veronica.

Solution: I know there was one update for S Voice that was faulty, I just can’t remember which update it was. But try going to S Voice settings page and tap the Uninstall Updates and Clear Defaults button. This will reset the app back to its default settings minus the recent update. If that didn’t work, try factory reset since you said you already wiped the cache partition.

Galaxy Note 3 hands free mode problem

Problem: Hi droid guy, I have this problem with my phones hands free mode. Even when I turn the hands free function off in the settings. Whenever I connect to my WiFi router it switches on by itself. Please help me with this issue.

Solution: Toggling the Airplane Mode on and off for a few times often solves this problem so try that first. Basically, it’s just a glitch but if it couldn’t be fixed by the first procedure, wiping the cache partition would.

Galaxy Note 3 can’t browse even if connected

Problem: Hi there, Just quick question, I have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was in beginning dropping the WiFi. Now it cannot connect to internet even thought is says that it is connected to WiFi? Could you please let me know what could be a reason for it and how to rectify it. Thank you in advance. — Stan

Solution: Sometimes you need to refresh the connection, so in your phone ‘Forget’ the network you’re connected to. Then, let it scan for available networks and connect to your own network again. Try to browse the internet to see if you can. If the problem wasn’t solved, then the problem is with your network devices. I suggest you reboot your modem/router.

Can’t select default location after KitKat update

Problem: Hey buddy I use Note 3 neo (SM-N750). I can’t make default storage to SD card. I use HIDE IT PRO to hide my videos and pictures. Before kitkat I use this app and can select my storage to sd card by inside app option advanced setting and change my vault location. But after kit kat I can’t use this option. Whenever I try this option they show error by not having enough space. I have already make plenty of free space for this. Also try different apps to hide but result is same. So kindly help me. — Sagar

Solution: It sounds like the problem isn’t with the phone itself but with the app you’re using. The most logical thing to do is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. If that didn’t fix the problem, then perhaps that app needs updating and we really cannot do something about that but notify the developer.

Galaxy Note 3 using so much data

Problem: My daughter has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with AT&T as the carrier. The problem we are having is that her phone is using up an enormous amount of data. In only the first week of this billing period, the iPhones used by my other daughter and myself have used less than .1 GB. The Note 3 has used 1.9 GB. Last billing period, she used 9.1 GB.

My daughter has cut out using YouTube and playing games. She has turned off Facebook notifications and location services. She has deleted all the games she does not play. Her phone’s usage report shows Facebook and YouTube as the largest users of data, although the numbers shown on her phone are far less than what AT&T is reporting.

I was on the phone with Samsung for 1.5 hours the other day and, in the end, they said we really should be talking to AT&T. My daughter went to AT&T and they suggested it might be Facebook notifications, even if the application is closed. Or, it could be location services automatically updating every 5 minutes. It sounds like they had no clue, either. I am hoping you may have some ideas about why her data usage is so high. Thanks, Steve.

Solution: For apps to consume data that much, they must be streaming media. A Facebook notification cannot go beyond 1KB so even if she received a million notifications in that span of time, her Facebook usage must reflect she used 1GB of data only. Location services may be a bit bigger than notifications but they’re still pretty small. So, with Facebook’s and location services’ ‘extreme’ data usage combined, they must only reach 3GB at most.

Your daughter may have been streaming videos via Facebook and YouTube and that’s the biggest data sucker. To address this, go to the device’s Data Usage screen, tap View app settings button and restrict both Facebook and YouTube from using background data. If you have Wi-Fi connection at home, disable mobile data usage and connect to Wi-Fi instead. That sure would make a difference for sure.

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