Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems, Errors, Questions and Solutions [Part 25]

Welcome to the 25th part of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problems series. I answered ten problems / questions in this post and I hope my answers will be helpful not only to our readers who emailed us but to other owners out there who may have the same issues.

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Note 2 WiFi Won’t Turn On

Problem: Hi there. My name is Donna and I have a question regarding my husbands Samsung galaxy note 2. For some reason, his wifi will not turn on. His phone has also been constantly restarting on its own. I’m usually pretty good about troubleshooting problems with cellular devices, but I have no idea how to fix any of these issues. Could you please help? I am unsure if this issue has been answered in the past, and if so could you could send the link to the solution? Thank you for your time and your help regarding my problem. Thanks again, Donna.

Solution: Donna, I’ve encountered a few problems wherein the Wi-Fi “won’t turn on.” There was once when the Wi-Fi switch is greyed out. I had to boot the phone in Safe Mode and turn the Wifi from there, once turned on I booted it back to normal mode and the switch was already back to normal. If this was the case with your husband’s phone, you can use the solution I cited.

However, if the problem is different from what I mentioned, then there’s only one thing I know that could fix it–wiping the cache partition. Boot the phone in recovery mode and you can wipe the cache partition from there. I’m sure the issue will be fixed with this.

Note 2 Data Backup to PC Problem

Problem: Backing up to PC with USB: NIGHTMARE! Yes, I have always had the latest software from Samsung, but the connection, which is a nightmare to make, it’s unstable, then phone calls asleep or disconnects before data transfer is complete. OMG, I hope this is resolved in the Note 4! Lol, good luck tackling this mess, I’d run if I were you! — Dawn

Solution: While reading your email, I was hoping you would provide more details so I would know what the problem really is. I’ve been transferring files to and fro my computer from my Android phones and the connection remained even if the phone fell asleep or the screen turned off. I’m not sure what’s the “unstable” part because as far as the USB connection between the phone and computer is concerned, there’s a very minimal chance of having problems provided you installed all necessary drivers. But please, follow these steps:

  1. Using the original USB cable, connect your phone to your computer.
  2. If the phone wasn’t detected, touch the Status bar and drag it down.
  3. Tap Connected as a media device.
  4. Mark the Media device (MTP) check box.
  5. A window will pop up on your PC, click Open device to view files.
  6. There are two storage devices detected by the computer, Card, which refers to the microSD card, and Phone, the internal storage of your device. It is in the latter that you can find files you want to backup. You can copy them to your computer or to the microSD card.
  7. Copy and paste the files you want backed up.
  8. When finished, safely disconnect from your PC.

If you still have problems, try to install Samsung KIES to make sure your drivers are all updated, then use KIES to backup your data instead of manually copying them to your computer.

Note 2 Can’t Connect To Wi-Fi Network

Problem: Hi there, I got a question to ask. My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can’t connect to my house wifi. I try to connect it buy it keep hanging there and say obtaining address and then afterwards it says can’t connect because the wifi is too slow but the signal strength was showing strong. Could you please help me because I did went to youtube to search some solution but there are all not working for me.

Solution: If this problem just happened one day without apparent reason, you may want to check the status of your Wi-Fi network. Better yet, reboot your network equipment to refresh the connection. Once you did that, try to connect your other devices to double-check if the network is working fine. Once you’ve already ruled out the possibility of a network issue, then it’s time you focused on troubleshooting your Galaxy Note 2.

I don’t know what troubleshooting procedures you’ve already done but let’s start from the basic. Reboot your phone. Yes, reboot. This is the most basic step to address problems like the one you have now. If the phone can’t still connect to your network after the reboot, then try to delete or “Forget” your own Wi-Fi network from your phone. Then, let the device scan for available networks in range and attempt to connect to your network again. If it still can’t, it’s time you backed up your data and performed factory reset and if this final step won’t solve it, bring it to a technician and have it checked as there could be an issue with the hardware.

Question About Note 2 Factory Reset

Question: Hi guys, thank you for your service! I have a Note 2 that has decided to stop learning new words into the dictionary. I called Samsung about this and they said to do a factory reset.   My question is that my phone is an unlocked AT&T phone that I’m using on T-Mobile. If I factory reset it does that mean that the unlock and rooting goes away? Will the app store remember all the software I had installed and reinstall it for me? Thanks! — Ben

Answer: Ben, I will just answer your questions. Rooted and unlocked phones will remain as such after factory reset. Only the settings will be reset to default and third-party apps uninstalled. As to your question regarding the automation of the app downloads after the reset, well, that’s possible as long as you’ve backed up your phone properly before doing the reset. The Note 2 has auto-restore option in the Settings.

Note 2 Is Missing Files On SD Card

Problem: Hello, I own a Note 2 and ever since I got it, it’s been messing up data on my SD card. Most often, the files or even folders just disappear and i see a folder named LOST.DIR. (see attached pictures please). On some media files present but not playing, the file name automatically then begins with a “ù” before the actual name. I initially thought it was a software issue but even after upgrading to 4.4.2 its still the same. I am losing data and it also corrupts the memory card in the process. Kindly help.

N.B. please is there any correct way of ejecting the phone when it is connected as a media device? I ask because usually i see no option to eject as is the norm with a USB flash drive. Thank you.

Solution: The LOST.DIR folder in your phone’s internal storage is system generated to contain temporary files or parcels of files that may be recoverable by the system. In layman’s terms, it is the folder where Android saves files that may need recovery during boot up. For example, you were moving a file to your microSD card from the phone’s storage and the device shut down for some reason, Android will ‘cache’ or save the part of the file you tried to move in the LOST.DIR folder. On the next boot up, the system will attempt to recover that part of the file to keep the integrity of the file intact.

In your case, I believe the corruption of the microSD card isn’t the result but the cause. You said you have files and even folders that just disappear. When this happened, it could be that the microSD card was unmounted. Consequently, files are being saved into the LOST.DIR folder because some data in your SD card may have been linked to any app in your phone. The solution; backup your SD card and reformat it and find out if the problem still happens after that.

Note 2 Turns On WiFi Automatically

Problem: Dear staff, can you please explain why WiFi turns on automatically when I turn off. How can I stop annoying me when I am driving? Thank you & look forward to hear from you. With respect, Sal.

Solution: To answer your question, well, it is apparent that there’s “something” that turns the Wi-Fi back on even if your turned it off. To solve this problem, you need to know what that “something” is. I’m not sure what your service provider is but try to find if you can see Connection Optimizer or Smart WiFi in your phone. Those two are often the culprit when it comes to this issue. If you cannot any of them, then try to find the apps that turns the Wi-Fi on automatically.

Note 2 Email Problem

Problem: I’ve had a couple of recent issues with my note. The most current is my emails only depict current day and four emails from yesterday in inbox. Won’t even display all yesterday’s emails. This just started to happen. I used to be able to access back several weeks if I desired. Changed settings to allow for 100 emails & no luck. My email client on my laptop that the phone syncs with is outlook. Any ideas? Thanks, Marc.

Solution: It seems like the master sync is turned off on your phone. For this problem, that’s the first one you need to look into. Pull down the Notification Panel and look for the icon that has two arrows in a circle and is labeled ‘Sync’. If it’s greyed out, tap on it to turn is green, or if it’s already green, toggle it turn on and off to refresh. Once you’ve done that, check your email and refresh your inbox. If the your messages still won’t show, then it’s time you re-setup your email account. Clear the cache and data of the email client you’re using on your phone and setup your account again. If that wouldn’t fix it, check your email settings in your computer and make sure it is set to leave copy of messages on the server.

Note 2 WiFi Problem

Problem: I don’t know if this is already been in one of your posts but sometimes when I activate my WiFi it seems it stuck in the process of connecting and reporting this. It connects to the wifi but there is no message popping up that the phone is connected. And the wifi icon is not fully lighted up. This is since updating to the official Android update. Thanks, Filip.

Solution: Since this problem started after you updated your phone, there is a chance that some data were corrupted during the process. The first thing I want you to do is wipe the cache partition and see if the problem is fixed with that, otherwise, I would strongly suggest you perform factory reset to refresh the phone. Of course, you need to backup your data first. Here’s an effective way to do factory reset:

  1. Turn the phone off. If you can’t, remove and reinstall the battery.
  2. With the phone still off, hold down the Power, Volume Up and Menu buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds. Release them when you see the green android logo. This’ll get you into the unlock/reset menu.
  3. You can use the volume buttons to scroll up/down
  4. Scroll down and select ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’. Use the power button to confirm selections.
  5. Select ‘Yes – Delete All User Data’. Use the power button to confirm selections.
  6. Select ‘Reboot System Now’. The phone then reboots to factory settings.

Note 2 Can’t Send SMS Message

Problem: Hello, I don’t remember seeing this mentioned in any of the 23 articles you have posted, but I have experienced this issue multiple times and I am very frustrated with the only solution as wiping my entire device and starting over.

The issue I am talking about is not being able to send text messages after having the ability for months. Just last week it started again. All of my outgoing sms have a blue spinning circle and never go out. There is no problem with me receiving sms. So please if you can advise I would appreciate it.

Solution: You said you encountered this problem multiple times already, so I assume that the problem was also fixed multiple times already or at least, the phone just started to send text messages again after some time. Apparently, the phone can send SMS but there are times when it cannot.

There are several factors that may cause this problem. When you said text message, I hope you meant just text with no pictures or other multimedia files attached to the message. If there is, then you should turn on mobile data to be able to send the message as it is already considered MMS and not just SMS. The same goes if you included emoji emoticons in your message using the stock messaging app.

Another possibility is the network coverage and since it’s already the network that we’re talking about, your service provider can provide you with answers you need.

Note 2 Restarted After Downloading Apps

Problem: Hello, I have to ask about the problem with my Note 2 I am facing. After installing 3, 4 apps from Play Store I was checking them by opening them but mean while my phone restarted and it repeated when I again did? So what is the solution of this issue? Also tell me if we want to install too many apps on note 2, can’t we? Or is there any limit? Looking forward from you in this regard. Thank you, Asad.

Solution: You can have as many apps as you want as long as your phone’s storage can hold it. Asad, I’m pretty sure you weren’t using those apps simultaneously when your phone restarted. So, you need to remember which app you were using when the phone rebooted because that could be the cause of the problem. Since, they’re third-party apps, they’re expendable. If they cause problem to your phone, then uninstall them. Why keep an app that makes your phone crazy and unusable, right?

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  1. Note 2 rebooting after battery goes to less than 80%
    When i use my note 2 and if the battery goes less than 80 to 85% it start with rebooting sequence or just stops on samsung logo while rebooting. But as soon as the rebooting process starts and if i connect it to my power bank or charger it reboots successfully and i am able to use it as in normal case. If i play any game in note 2 it reboots within 5 min after opening the game even if the battery is 95%.but if i play the same game connecting to charger there is no issue at all. Is there a problem with battery or some other thing? My power button flex cable is damaged for last 7 month. I have done factory reset as well. Tried to use the phone without sd card. But nothing is helping.even uninstalled play store update but no solution yet.
    Thanks for reading.

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