Reddit AMA app coming to Android this week

Reddit AMA iOS

The makers of Reddit have announced that they’ll bring a dedicated AMA (Ask Me Anything) app on Android, after the iOS version of the app went live not too long ago. This app will provide users access to just AMAs so that users can filter in and out of them conveniently from one place.

Although AMAs are usually conducted by celebrities to interact with the public, even commoners can give it a shot. Reddit is a very popular place to interact with people and there are multiple apps which offer the service to users, but it’s for the first that the developers have made an app dedicated to a particular subreddit.

Users will be able to check out new AMAs as they are made available or even go through old ones from the list. Expect the app to hit the Play Store in the coming days as a free download. The app will also be free from ads apparently, which is good news from a usability point of view. The screenshots shown above is from the iOS version of the app.

Source: Variety

Via: Droid-Life

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