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OnePlus One pre-orders to go live in October

OnePlus One

Makers of the OnePlus One have announced that the pre-orders for the handset will go live starting next month. While giving out the news, the company has also claimed that the initial invite only system was a “blessing”. We’re not sure why the company chose to use that particular word given that the invite system was nothing short of dismal.

Pre-orders of the OnePlus One essentially means that customers will be allowed to place an order for the smartphone at a specified window and if the device is in stock, the manufacturer will ship it out to the customers. If it sells out in the meantime, buyers will be given an approximation of when the device will be shipped out to them. While it’s still not an ideal scenario to purchase the handset, it’s certainly better than the infamous invite system we’ve seen over the past few months.

Will this make it more likely for you to get the OnePlus One? Let us know in the comments below.

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