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Official Nexus 9 keyboard case revealed in new leak

Nexus 9 Keyboard case

A new leak has revealed the alleged keyboard case from the Nexus 9 tablet. An image from the patent filing reveals two separate parts of the case, one which would cover the device and the other which would act as a standalone keyboard. The filing also reveals that the keyboard will be powered by Bluetooth 4.0 and have its very own 450 mAh battery, so it won’t require the device to power itself.

The case has a charging port on the side near the hinges, while there’s an LED indicator on the other side. It’s quite similar to Microsoft’s Surface Touch Cover in design, with a thickness of just 5 mm. The case will also be able to lock and unlock the device much like conventional tablet covers. As the bottom half of the case is detachable, it can be used with other Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices as well.

Nexus 9 Keyboard

The availability of such an accessory means that Google is looking to target the upcoming Nexus tablet towards a broader audience with productivity being one of the key selling points. This will finally bring Google’s offering on level pegging with the iPad, which is considered the best productivity based tablet in the market.

What do you think about this keyboard case for the Nexus 9 tablet? Let us know below.

Via: Android Police

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