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Mystery LG smartwatch with cellular connectivity reaches the FCC

LG G Watch

With Samsung launching its very own smartwatch sporting cellular connectivity, it seems like LG might not be far away in launching its own version soon. A mystery smartwatch from the Korean manufacturer has arrived at the FCC’s doorsteps packing 3G connectivity. The listing reveals wearables with the model numbers VC100 and VC100P, so it’s likely that there will be two separate variants of the smartwatch.

The listing also suggests that the smartwatch will pack a rectangular display like the G Watch and not a circular timepiece like the G Watch R which was announced last month. Perhaps LG will be able to analyze the utility and demand for a smartwatch with cellular connectivity after seeing how the market responds to the Samsung Gear S which is launching today via AT&T.

We don’t have other details about the smartwatch but it’s safe to assume that it will be running Android Wear as LG doesn’t have a custom wearable OS at its disposal like Samsung. Would you be interested in an offering like this from LG? Let us know below.

Via: Android Authority

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