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Images of the Sony QX1 snap-on camera lens leaks out

Sony QX1

Sony announced the Q10 and the QX100 snap-on camera lenses for Android devices last year. And the company is all set to announce the successor tomorrow known as the QX1. But before the device is announced officially, a new leak has given us a brief look of what to expect from the Japanese manufacturer during tomorrow’s event in Berlin.

Unlike last year’s models, the Sony QX1 appears to have three components – a mount, a sensor and the lenses. So essentially there are three accessories which need to be attached to the smartphone or device of your choice. Also the camera this time is mirrorless, which makes it essential for a lens to be added. Last year’s models only consisted of a mount and a sensor, so clearly Sony has taken it to the next level with the QX1.

It’s a very decent product which is targeted towards shutter bugs who are never quite content with the camera offered by default on their smartphones. The QX1 comes with its very own flash and features like NFC, WiFi etc for quick sharing on the go.

It is said that the body and mount will set users back by €300 or $394, while the 16-50 mm lens will cost an extra €150 or $197 for the lenses. Evidently, the QX1 won’t go easy on your wallets, but that’s always expected from an accessory such as this. We expect to have more information on the QX1 by tomorrow.

Source: Sony Alpha Rumors

Via: Android Central

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