HTC One M8, One Remix and the One Max now have 100GB of free Google Drive storage

HTC Google Drive

HTC offers customers of its smartphones with free Google Drive storage to get them started on cloud services. Flagships like the One M8, the One Max as well as the recently launched One Remix were offered with 50GB of cloud storage. But now, HTC has decided to double the amount of free storage offered to users, taking the total tally to 100GB now.

The free storage is only valid for two years which means you’ll require a subscription to use the services beyond that. Unfortunately, the original HTC One and the One Mini still have only 25GB of free Google Drive storage.

While not everybody enjoys cloud storage services, it’s good to know that HTC is offering the option to its customers. Bear in mind, the free storage will not apply if the bootloader of your HTC smartphone is unlocked, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to avail benefits of this offer.

Cloud services like Google Drive gives users easy access to files across the internet, regardless of the device they’re using. Given the convenience and versatility offered by services like these, customers are beginning to see the benefits.

HTC Google Drive

Source: HTC Advantage

Via: Android Police