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HTC believed to have axed smartwatch plans

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We’ve heard about HTC’s plans to launch an Android Wear smartwatch on several occasions. However, it seems like the company might have axed those plans if a new report from Pocket-Lint is to be believed. Although there’s no clear word on why HTC is backing away, it is said that the rising costs and the number of smartwatches already available in the market might be part of the reason.

The likes of LG, Samsung, Motorola and even ASUS are launching smartwatches, so the Taiwanese manufacturer would obviously feel out of place. This could however be a temporary plan until the smartwatch market matures, but for the time being, it seems like we won’t see an HTC branded smartwatch.

HTC’s wearable was expected to be a remodeling of the Mirasol based Qualcomm Toq, which has won praise from the tech world in general. Were you waiting to get your hands on the HTC smartwatch? How do you feel about this new revelation?

Via: Pocket-Lint

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