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Hangouts 2.3 brings complete Google Voice integration and plenty more

New Hangouts

Earlier today, we spoke about how Google Hangouts has officially begun merging Google Voice. And it seems like the update containing the entirety of the changes is going live now in the form of Hangouts 2.3. In addition to bringing Voice into the mix, the Hangouts 2.3 update also introduces a new look to the app, which is always welcome.

As for the Voice integration, customers are able to make voice calls using a dedicated Hangouts Dialer app. This lets you make voice calls to other Hangouts users (currently only available in the U.S. and Canada). As for the visual changes, the app introduces a tab layout where users can access their contacts and the list of conversations. Hangouts Dialer will introduce an additional tab in the app, which appears very similar to the stock Android dialer.

The Hangouts 2.3 update should start rolling out anytime soon, but if you’re impatient to get hold of it, make sure you download it manually from the link here. Downloading and installing the apk will replace the existing version of the app and won’t change anything else.

Via: Android Police

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