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Google Glass now available for purchase through the Play Store

Google Glass Play Store

The Google Glass wearable was recently made available to all by Google, although the $1500 price tag didn’t change. However, Glass was only available through a standalone website, which didn’t quite make sense given that Google sells hardware through the Play Store. But it seems like Google has finally decided to change its mind as Glass has made its way to the Play Store along with the shades, frames as well as the earbuds.

The wearable can be purchased directly from the devices section in the Play Store, where you can find the Nexus and GPE devices. The frames will cost $225, the shades will set you back by $150 while the earbuds have been priced at $85. Glass still costs $1500 though, so there’s no reduction for the device if you’re looking to get one. But it’s good to know that one of Google’s most innovative products has been listed alongside the rest of its device lineup.

While the Glass program was accessible only to the developers, it was gradually made available to the commoners as well. The company is expected to launch a mass produced version of Glass sometime soon.

Source: Play Store

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